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It comes in 3s...

What a day and it can only get worse as it comes in 3s.

My Cat came home in a dishreveled state and it seems like shes been clipped with a car, (nothing life thretening we think) shes the most loving little madam in the world, but span round for a bite when i stroked her. I was hoping that I could get away with not taking her to the vet, not becouse of the money or anything like that, simply becouse the trip to the vets alone makes her so stressed, shes off it for days. BUt off to the vets tomorrow:cry:

Then I went to put something in the chest freezer which is in the spare room and it wasnt working, we lost alot of our food. My SW lasagne, my super speedy chilly, my tuna stakes (notice how its all my stuff, that the OH wont eat lol).

Im dreading tomorrow, what else can go wrong:(
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My granny always used to say break a match ~ get it over with! Is it possible you can claim for your food and freezer via your household insurance! Just a thought!
Most important tho is your cat! Hope she's ok
We havnt bothered with the insurance company, our excess far out weighs what we lost. Besides that, the freezer itslef is working fine but wasnt on????? neither one of us switched it off and theres only the two of us in the house. Can only think that it may be a dodgy socket


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Its so annoying we had the laptop pack in the other week couldnt be wiped clean probably some irk who sends out them bloody viruses anyway had to buy a new one.

2nd dishwasher gave up the ghost, new one had to be got (present frrom mother)

My car 70.00 repair husbands car 50.00 water leak repair.

Tv seems a bit iffy keeping fingers crossed.

It never ends paying and the soddin VAT wish they would get lost with all the add ons taxes etc.

Off topic now it exhausts me moaning LOL!!!
Dont get me started bout car repairs, mines just cost me £95 for 2 new tires then another £35 for one of the track rod ends or something, garge said that was caused with all the mammoth pot holes weve got... and to top it all, one of the new tires has a slow puncture...grrr, OH's car is still off the road as we cant afford the repairs it needs to get it through the mot, these last few monthes every thin that could go wrng has gone wrong...Weve just decorated upstairs and both our wardrobes colapsed...oooppps, sorry, rant over
Further to my post yesterday about it coming in 3's.... Well i found out a few hours ago that a dear friend of mine is going into hospital tomorrow to have pollips removed from her voice box, apparantly they are so advanced that if she doesnt have them removed now, in a few monthes, not years, she will not be able to talk at all and will need one of them artificial voice boxes, The hospital found it by accident when she was having anastetic for a different opp. She hasnt told any of her family or friends only her grown up children.

Doctors have warned her that she will be very poorly for a few weeks and that for the first 3 days she needs to have someone with her 24 hours a day in case the post op swelling gets that bad it frestricts her airways.....

I feel so helpless and tearfull, I know I was winging earlier about me and the oh having nothing but bad luck and truct e we have had some these last few monthes, but noting in comparison to what shes going through. Kind of puts things into perspective for you doesnt it


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poor you fairy and poor your friend, hope the op goes ok for her.

it does kind of put things into perspective but don't beat yourself up about moaning about the small things, sometimes they feel like big things at the time.

Chin up xx
Thanks guys
Hope your friends op goes well. It's horrid when you find out someone you care about isn't well. Though look on the bright side. Even though its advanced it was found in time and something can be done. Better than her suddenly wondering why her voice has stopped working.

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