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My poor boo.. :( :(

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My little puppy boo is at the vets for the night :cry:
Mum says that when she woke up this morning she couldn't lift her legs to get out of bed, and everything seemed to be a real effort for her, she hasn't eaten or drank all day. She took her to the vets earlier and they were satisfied it wasnt anything wrong with her muscles etc, (Dashchunds are known for thier bad backs etc) they gave her some shots; painkillers and anti-inflamitries, and they phoned back at 6 to see if she had improved but she was still moping around.
So she's had to go back in, and stay the night for observation. She just isnt herself at all and looks so sad. Mum says she didnt even get up to greet the kids at the door when they came back in from school which is very unusual. They will phone back between 8-10 to tell us how she is, but they think she will need x-rays tomorrow incase she has swallowed somthing thats hurting her. :(
Im so worried about her, she'l be really scared. She hates being without any of us and gets so lonley. She always cries when we leave her to sleep in the kitchen, let alone if she's left somewhere shes not familiar with.
and to top it all off.. Joes cat got put down today :( The vet said her organs were shutting down and it was the best thing fo her, he's devestated. He's had her since he was 5.
which is just making me even more worried about my pup.

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Aww poor puppy! Its horrible when something happens to one of your pets - I went through it earlier this year with one of my cats, who had to be put to sleep in the end (still paying it off now!!)

Everything crossed for you and your puppy xxx
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Boos only 2 :(

Im a bit worried, it just occured to me that me and my sister always have *week at the same time, and she uses tampons. . so i asked her if she could have swallowed it and then she said her bin had been emptied onto the floor when she got home from school yesterday, I just wanna slap her. She knows boo loves anything dirty so it was stupid of her to leave her door open.

she cant have any x-rays untill tomorrow morning, so we wont know for sure untill then.
the bill is getting increasingly big though. . luckily we are insured but will have to total over £300 before we can claim on it, its about £250 atm.

i just wish i could give her a cuddle. . she must be so scared :( I hope they'r being nice to her. x
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They'll be looking after her, don't worry about that! My cat never liked anyone apart from me and a couple of my friends - when she was in the vets, she loved one of the nurses to bits! When she went back for a check up, she was very purry when she saw this nurse!
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I am so sorry Fern.

They are like our babies and mean so much to us. They rely on us totally.

Your vets and their staff do the job they do because they love animals so it is pretty certain everyone will treat her well.

As you know we lost 2 of our cats recently and I still feel so sad about is as neither of them were old cats so please tell Joe from me I am sorry about his cat.

I hope the morning brings good news for you and Boo.

Lots of love Fern, hugs xxxx
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thanks for the reasurance.. i feel so uncertain at the mo. I hate not knowing. i cant help but feel like it should all be being 'fixed' right now. Why should she wait untill morn for an xray :( i know everyones proberly gone home and thats why, and everyone else is waiting too but why my pup :(

Fillymum, i remember about your cats. ((Hugs)) its so difficult when your babies go isnt it. I dont know what i'd do if i lost Boo now. Joes pretty cut up about it, even though i think he knew she was 'going' soon. . hes upset he hadnt seen in her a few weeks and so didnt get to say goodbye. but he wasnt to know. xxx
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Thinking of you. Hopefully the x ray will shed some light tomorrow. There is nothing worse when your pets are poorly as you can't explain anything to them. My lovely dog had to have a leg amputated last year and I was absolutely heart broken'. They are so helpless.

Let us all know what the vet says tomorrow.
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Poor thing! I so want a Dauchund, I am sorry yours isn't doing so well but I am sure everything will be OK. Let us know!


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Oh Fern :gen126::gen126::gen126: you feel so helpless don't you? We had to have our cat put down 2 weeks before Xmas 2 years ago, he was 22. I was distraught for weeks!

Please let us know what's happening, I'll ask my Angels to help.
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Good morning everyone.
The vets phoned this morning. Boo has been on a drip all night and seems to be a bit perkier today, but they'v decided she cant come home yet. They want to keep her in and try and get her eating again before she can leave. If she doesnt keep it down, theyl give her xrays, etc. They think she has a gut infection :(

Keeping my fingers crossed. xxx
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Big, big hugs for a tiny doggy from me as well.

hugs !!!

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