It feels like Christmas :)

Today marks the end of my first two weeks on the Cambridge Diet. It has seen its ups and downs... but I have made it to here despite temptation!

I see my CDC fortnightly so today.. it was like Christmas. I knew that after the first two weeks several luxuries would be bestowed upon me... but in the last few days I had seen them merely as (NOT REAL FOOD). Nothing but the real thing seemed like it would be good enough to supress my cravings!

So... New luxuries this week... Bars and Water Flavourings... also decided that despite not liking soup I would be brave and give the Chilli one a good testing; even bought some tabasco sauce (as recommended by the Tabasco Kid himself IceMoose).:p

I have just tried the Orange water flavouring... and by god.... It is like a revelation (I sound religious :eek: ). I couldnt believe the difference... Now my daily struggle with water need be no more! Phew!!!

Just wanted to share my magic moment with you!! :)

Here's to the future and slimdom!

Good luck all... hope you too feel like Christmas when this time comes for all newbies ;)

Aawww Vicky,

So happy for you:)

What a lovely post and one that is filled with the spirit of Christmas and that is Hope!

Love Mini xxx
Hi babe.well done on your weightloss.
Know what you mean the waterflavering makes drinking all those pints so much easer.
Just wait till you try the barsmmmmmmmmmmmm
And to think on your next weighin you will be given more !!!!
FOOD as you will then start you AAM.
That an weightloss to!!!!!!!!!!!!! things get better and better,hehehehehe
If you think the water flavourings are good ... wait til you try the bars - OMG!!
Those crunch bars have transformed my life - OK well maybe that's a BIT strong but they ARE scrumdiddlyumptious!!

You can also make CD jelly now too: I have a bowl of jelly every day as a dessert after my evening soup (all 'permitted' as I don't exceed any of the daily allowances for mix-a-mousse etc). After the first couple of weeks on CD, funny how the little pleasures in life suddenly become a big deal! :D
That's a FAB loss BBFM!!!
Well done, well done, well done!!!! :D :D :D

I'm made up for you - but you've stuck to it so cheerfully and have been so determined that it's a well deserved reward I'd say! :)
What a lovely post, well done x
BRILLIANT weight loss!! Well done it only seems like yesterday that it was day one for you. Really proud of you for resisting temptation and getting on with CD with such a good attitude!!

I remember when i got the flavourings then the bars -Oh my goodness i thought i'd died and gone to heaven!!!!

Have to say i LOVE CD so much, so many flavours and treats. Am very thankful that poeple have taken the time to experiment with things like making jelly, muffins etc so us regular folk can just sit back and enjoy the CD diet to the MAX!!!