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It may be superficial, but...


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...the biggest thing that probably worries me about losing a lot of weight (and really, I got a lot to lose!) is that instead of having lots of fat, I'll have biiiiig folds of skin hanging off me. Ew.

I'm told that after a year or so your body does start to adjust, and you can do toning exercises etc. to help reduce the amount of loose skin you have. Just wondering, anyone who has lost a lot already have any experience of it, and how bad has it been? I'm only starting out on LL but this question is really preying on my mind... Not that I'm planning on wearing bikinis or anything!

Oh, and I've seen pictures both on the LL site and people's personal photo galleries and really I can't say I've noticed anyone with extremely noticeable extra skin - am I worrying over nothing?

I'm 26 by the way, if that makes any difference!
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Hi :)

Age is on your side... ;)

I lost 10 stone, but I had been overweight for 25 years - so my skin did not spring back as much as I would have liked - even after a year.

But saying that, I would much rather have the excess skin then the excess weight!

It is really all down to a few facts:

age - the younger you are, the more it will spring back.

DNA - genetics are what genetics are

How long have you been overweight - the longer, the less likely it will shrink to pre-heavy stages.

I am 50, so that gives you an idea. :)

Good luck, and don;t worry too much about it. :)


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S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for your reply! You're right - it is better to have some excess skin than to be really overweight. I've been overweight since I was a child really, so probably nearly 20 years at this stage. I guess I'll see how it's going in a few months and then maybe start with toning exercises and toning lotions (if those things work).

I guess I'm just worried that I still won't feel happy about myself even if I do reach my goal! But then, I am a worrier.
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I used to have the same worries.
But I figured... I never show my arms or stomach NOW because of the fat and so if I had excess skin on my arms and stomach, i really don't mind continuing to keeping them covered... because I'll be keeping them covered with a size 12 cardigan or t-shirt instead of a 22 :D
Hi Joiya,
I'm 56. I feel so much happier about showing my body now than I did when I looked like my skin would burst !!
The younger you are the more elastic your skin is likely to be.
Yes it does gradually improve and exercise and moisturisers help too.
When we are obese most of us don't go round flashing the flesh, but I can assure you it's a lot less embarrassing when you're slim.
This summer I wore a swimsuit for the first time in over 20 years -
no-one fainted, not even me !!!
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hi joyia
just to echo the chaplingirls post.

i never showed my arms/stomach before, so don't mindkeeping them covered now - they look far far better size 10 covered than they did size 18 covered!
daisy x
hey there. My skin is by no means perfect and was really freaky once I'd reached my goal but two years after reaching my goal it's actually not too bad. I do a lot of exercise now which had helped greatly I think (sorry, I know it's probably the last thing you want to hear!) Skin is never going to ping back to what it was when I was 18 but I'm happy to show off my figure and even wore a bikini when I went to Australia in March. In fact, I have seven bikinis now along with multiple vest tops to show off my arms. I've got a bit of bingo wing going on but I really don't care. I'm a size 10, far from perfect and have more confidence with my wrinkly tum than I ever did as an 18 year old with a six pack!
All the best with your weight loss. It's worth it!

Rachel xx

ps. I'd advise getting a piggy bank to save up for all the lovely new clothes you're going to have to buy. Being slim isn't cheap!
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Thanks for the comments (and really amazing pictures!). I've never been slim and I think that, even if I end up with loose skin and stretch marks, the sheer joy of being a size 12 (or whatever size) will be enough for me!

And yep, exercise is not high on my priority list right now, but actually I really want to take up horseriding again when I lose weight, and swimming, so I really hope that I'll be an active healthy person - if that helps with my skin in the long run then all the better.
you'll find when you're lighter that you have so much more energy you'll actually WANT to exercise! I'm really into running now and just waiting to see if I've got an entry into the London Marathon for April next year!
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I do believe that genetics plays a part. I've had two children and am in my forties and hardly have any stretch marks, none on my tummy and only a few silvery lines on my thighs. I have been worried I might end up with stretch marks when I lose weight but it's a small price to pay and nothing that a moisturiser containing a small amount of fake tan won't cure!

I have forsaken a lot of expensive body creams and find that palmers firming butter with shea butter, collagen, elastin, vit e and q10 is an excellent moisturizer without being greasy. I use it at bed time and hope that it will be good for my skin as I lose weight.

Not sure about the loose skin thing though but it's got to be more preferable to being fat?


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Merniva has some great pics of after she list the weight on her profile.

I am 32 and after I lost 8 stone my midrift looked like a deflated balloon, but I much preferred it to a full blown up one lol

look at it this way, you can always dress to cover skin, fat is harder to hide!

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