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It started with a kiss..............


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Well actually it didn't really........its started with a miss.........:wave_cry:

Last June 29th the journey I feel I have been on started.
I came home from work soaked in blood....had to leave a meeting....
My DH was away and my nanny had a date so she sailed out the door before I could figure out what to do.
When I rang her later and asked her to come home she refused and in fact she never came home that night. Didn't respond to texts and phonecalls so DH fired her long distance.
I had to bring my then 3 year old and 1 year old with me to the hospital for a scan to confirm that I had miscarried. I decided there and then to take the summer off work to be with the kids.
For the rest of the summer I was at home with the children. I went back to work last September. Since the miscarriage I had been trying to get pregnant again to no avail.

I was getting more upset and desperate and really felt my weight was causing my lack of fertility. So having stumpled across Icemooses blog last October I grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to start lipotrim in early November.

I lost 42lbs in the first 7 weeks, from January on I lost a further 25lbs between Cambridge 790 and messing with lipotrim. Anyway the most I had lost was 70lbs.....although since I have discovered I am pregnant almost 3 weeks ago I have put on 3 lbs (it happened over night) and I have stayed at 67lbs down now for about 3 weeks.

So I want to maintain my weight during pregnancy. I don't want to put on an ounce.
I lost weight when I was pregnant with my boys.

I am nervous, :cry: emotional and :) happy all at once. Its bizarre.
Its early days yet and so I am scared of the old there is nothing there......its all in your head.
Also that I might miscarry again......although I feel pregnant :jelous: this time and I didn't the last.
My eldest son has Spina Bifida so also I am worried about the possibility of any birth defects....
Anyway so here I am.

I am eating porridge or bran flakes every morning for breakfast.
Fruit at 11 or so.
a wrap or pitta bread with tuna or chicken for lunch more days.(tomatoes and lettuce)
and chicken or fish for dinner.......

Not always keeping it down but still........


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AWWW Betty what a rough time you have had........try to keep thinking positive, as you say you feel pregnant this time, will you be offered an early scan after your miscarriage last time......this would elliviate any fears.

The morning sickness is a good sign too, you have plenty of pregnancy hormone.......!
Keep us posted with your progress it is so excititng.
Take care hun.xx


Not dieting ATM!
Hi Bettyboo

Lovely to hear your pregnacy story (1st installment).

I can understand your present emotions after having a miscarriage last time. I remember having the same feelings when I was pregnant for the third time when the second was a mis. Like you I didn't feel pregnant that time and did the other three times so I agree that is a very good sign.

I wish you all the very best for your pregnancy.

Dizzy x
Hi BettyBoo.....thanx for sharing ur story :)

After what you've been thru' I would say it's perfectly natural to feel a bit concerned....hopefully this time will be different for you....

look after urself....especially now you've got the littl'un on board :)

lotsa love



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Actually good point Angela. I am on a prescription dose of folic acid all the time.......for obvious reasons.

Dh told me this evening I look huge......could I be having twins....doubt it. But my tummy is deffo bigger. I have to watch the carbs. I have been slipping a toasted bagel in here and there........
Have to say I wouldn't mind having twins........yes I know it would be wild busy but sure I am wild busy already.
I am also know for shamelessly hiring help when I need it. I currently have an aupair........
She is great. Does most of the house work because my kids are out at montessori. She helps out in the evening too.

This morning I had a toasted bagel and an apple for breakfast.
Salad for lunch. Green beans and chicken for dinner......all washed down with tea and 4ltrs of water.

I do feel bloated tonight......probably the flipping bagel.....so not worth it. Back to the bran flakes tomorrow morning.




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Hi BettyBoo, you should increase the dose if there is a history of spina bifida in the family (sorry its the midwife coming out in me). Let me know how things go. Angela x
As I said Angela........I have a prescription from the doctor dose of folic acid all the time........I know all about folic acid and neural tube defects and we have been for genetic counselling. I take a dose thats over 20 times the daily recommended for other people. Thanks for the advice though.
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Hi betty

Hope its all going well, thought I would catch up with your thread this morning.

I notice you are from Dublin - my favourite place in the world - I have family there as well as some fond memories of various weekends away ;) ;)

Anyway keep us posted on your progress - quite interested in your post.
Wow,,,Bettyboo...congratulations, I haven't seen ya about and now I know why..WOO HOO you must be amongst other feelings estatic.....

You sound like you've got it all under control, lovely healthy eating and your own special visitor...awww I'm so happy to have stumbled across your new thread..

Sending ya a little angel to watch over you
Hi all. Haven't been on in ages. Oisín has been really sick with a very nasty dose of chicken pox.

I am doing very well maintaining and in fact am another 2kgs down thanks to morning sickness. I really really careful about what I eat.

Every morning porridge, small glass of juice
Later in the morning tea
Lunch is brown bread or pitta or a wrap stuffed with salad and ham or tuna.
Usually have an apple or some strawberries

Some evenings I make a chicken stirfry with lots of veg and small portion of egg noodles or brown rice.
Most nights I have been feeling quite ill so might have a slice of brown bread with laughing cow or something like that.
The big thing for me is that I am maintaining and not stuffing my face. Pregnancy is helping me make my new eating habits a way of life.

Oh and I had a scan on Tuesday. Seeing the little heartbeat really makes it all really. Please God in October I will be a mum of three.....and on track to shed a few more pounds in time for Christmas


Hi Betty Boo

At least chicken pox is once in a lifetime.

Fingers are crossed for you too.

Sounds like you are doing everything right! Are you getting lots of rest too?

Dizzy x Still Broody
Hi all

Just dropping in. Bad morning sickness is keeping the weight off and the energy levels low. My second little guy has Chicken pox now as well.....suppose its better to get them out of the way.

OOOOOOH Roll on 12 weeks, when I will start to feel better Am exhausted.

On a positive note I had my first appointment during the week and then I had a scan. It was great to the little heartbeat and everything flying away nicely.



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Hi Bettyboo, lovely to read your post, you've been on a very hard journey and I really hope that it's all downhill from here for you :)

I am currently trying to fall pregnant for the second time. My daughter is 2.4 years and still hasn't gone through the night once, so we are completely exhausted, now resorted to taking it in turns sleeping in her room to give the other partner some sleep...not ideal, certainly not for conceiving either!

I did lose 7.5 stones but have regained nearly 2 so rather than moaning about it I'm trying to eat healthily and prepare my body for pregnancy and will deal with the 2 stone gain after the pregnancy...although I'd love to lose weight whilst pregnant, I just can't imagine it. I had an atrocious pregnancy first time around; and I mean really really awful, never stopped until the C Section which was the least painful bit!

I have just bought probably the most expensive blender in history, but it is fab and pulverises everything and anything, so I'm intending to get my 5 a day via smoothies....although as I'm on a period at the mo I popped a half measure of vodka in one tonight - yum, but need to keep an eye on that one!

Hope you are well and nearing the 12 week mark...although I never felt better, I am sure you will bloom.

Good luck - Joe
Well done on the fantastic weight loss Joe. Its not easy sure it isn't.

Our eldest didn't sleep through the night until he was 32 months old and that was because we ended up using the dreaded controlled crying. It worked. We have done it much earlier with our second fella and now at 23 months he sleeps through (they are both up at 6.30 every morning)

Well I still haven't put on an ounce........and I am not really doing as much exercise as I should be. But the morning sickness is easing now and I am not as exhausted as I was. Both my sons have had the chicken pox back to back and it was awful. I also had a kidney infection. We are slowly getting back to normal. We went to the park on thursday and had a decent walk. The zoo on Friday .......didn't do much today but have great plans for a long walk tomorrow. I have a desperate sinus infection/cold/ear ache...


Maintaining still going well....



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