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It was going great until...

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
...I sprained my ankle and lost my motivation. Last week I didn't lose anything and that really bummed me out. On Sunday, I injured myself and am now confined to my bed and can hardly walk anywhere. It's not keeping me from getting to the fridge though.

I'm still writing my journal and trying to be careful but I'm feeling pretty down because of my foot and other things so it seems easy to eat that extra treat, or that slice of pizza your flatmate's offered you. I can't make elaborate food either cos I can't stand on my foot.

For me, dieting and exercising go together. If I don't do one, I lose motivation to do the other cos I feel like "what's the point?".

I don't mean to moan but I usually seek inspiration and motivation here and it's not cutting it this time around. I'm scared to get back on the scales this week or next week once my ankle's ok and I'll have gained and then I'll lose motivation to continue on, despite the fact that I was doing better than ever.

I'm not even walking as usual so I'm probably burning less calories but not eating my 1300/day, eating more cos I'm sad/bored/lonely which is old patterns I'm falling back into.

Has this happened to anyone? Any words of wisedom?

Really appreciate it if you do x
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Losing the mummy fat
Sorry you're feeling the way you are {{{hugs}}}
Look how far you've come since starting, 8lbs is a brill loss, theres no need to gain it all back just because you can't use your foot.
How about some arm toning exercises you can do whilst sitting down, get some bean cans and do bicep/tricep curls whilst watchin the tv, just cause its not high energy doesn't mean it wont help!
Don't give up hun xxxx
You poor thing. I'm the same, if I miss scheduled exercise for any reason, I tend to eat junk ("oh, well, I've blown it now...").

Best advice someone gave me is, if you were talking to a friend instead of yourself, what would you advise them? You know yourself better than anyone - write down what you'd tell your best friend to do in the same situation. Would you encourage her to eat junk and let go? I bet you wouldn't.

The other thing that springs to mind is that you might be looking for comfort or a reward for going through what you've been through with your ankle. Or even an excuse to ditch the diet that, lets face it, none of us really want to be on...can you figure out exactly what you're feeling? For example, if you crave a reward, can it be a non food reward?

I don't know if any of this helps, but let us know how you're doing, and GOOD LUCK!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Aw revamp, that's such a good idea. I wouldn't tell my friend to quit, I'd tell her it sucks at the minute but to not ruin her efforts of the past weeks.

Yeah, I do feel pretty down with uni and my whole ankle situation too and I do feel like I need comfort having no one to really take care of me. I can't do much and go anywhere so all my usual non-food rewards (going out, buying stuff, watching a film) have all gone out the window cos I can't do the first two, and all I do is the latter. I'll try to come up with something though.
doodlelover what a great idea. Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you can back to exercising soon.
Hi Justpeachy,

Please try to stick to your diet as much as you can. I know the exercise should go with it but you can still lose weight without exercising.

I had a severely broken heel and was months in bed and years on crutches. I put weight on coz I was eating more and doing nothing. It came to a head when I had to get to a hospital appt and had nothing to wear - and I mean nothing! Hubby went out and bought the biggest pair of jogging bottoms and top he could.

As soon as he could get me out of the house I went to a slimming club. I lost over 4 and a half stone with no exercise so it can be done.

I know it's hard but please stick to it as much as possible. You can do it.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Thank you Tracey, that's really motivating. I remember hearing your jogging kit story haha, bless.

I feel better this week that I haven't put anything on despite the lack of discipline so I think my head's back on track. It's also good to know that it's possible to lose weight without exercising, I always thought it was sort of a myth. If I may ask, how did you do it? Just stick to fewer calories a day then?
Yep. Most of the others at the slimming club started at 1500 cals and a lot even got to target at that. I started at 1350 and had to lower it a bit everytime I hit a plateau. The weight came off slower than other people, they aimed for 2lb a week whereas I was happy if I could look back over the month and I'd lost something. The lowest calories I ever went to was 1150 and that was for the last half stone.

I couldn't do any exercise at all (and I mean nothing) if I got out of bed and downstairs for the day that was it. I lost over 3 stone like that and then managed to go swimming sometimes because there was no weight on my heel. Even then I wasn't doing any normal day to day activities.

It is better if you can do exercise but it's definately possible without, don't let this undo all the good work you've been doing.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Well that's really good to know. My BMR is 1800 so I've been trying to stick to around 1300 calories a day which I've managed fairly well. That in itself is an achievement for me. I'm glad it's possible otherwise but as soon as I can walk properly again, I'll go for walks instead of jogging, I think I'm too heavy for my ankles to take it now, hence the injury. Thanks again :)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Well I think you'll all be pleased to know that yesterday, I managed to walk enough to go out which I was so pleased about but the most important part is that I fit into my skinny jeans again!!!

I was so incredibly chuffed. I got compliments and some bloke came up to talk to me. I felt so much better haha :bliss:

Anyway, that was motivating. It'll be great when they're too big on me :)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Haha it's gonna be wonderful. I don't remember the last time I had a belt, they never seem to fit me because of all the hips I have. I'll be so pleased when that happens.

I shall be careful Tracey, don't worry :)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
That's a good idea. All my goals are measurement or pound milestones but will do :)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I wish I had something like that but I'm 21 and I've never been any other weight really, fluctuating between 40 pounds but I've never been little. I'm excited to see how small I can get.
You'll still only be young when you reach your target then. Just think of all the fun you're going to have shopping for clothes. You never know, in another 25 years time you might be pulling the clothes out of a cupboard saying, 'look at this, we used to wear things like this in 2010!

You're still young enough to wear practically anything too - I have to be more careful now that some things may be a bit 'mutton dressed as lambish'.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Yeah definitely. Just when I think of things I wore ten years ago... oh dear. I really want to keep a box of my big clothes, just for a laugh.

It's still pretty manageable to shop and wear what I want but it'd be so much easier if I wasn't a size 18-20... Here's to hoping :)
You'll do it, just take it bit by bit and you'll get there.

I didn't save any of my bigger clothes coz I hated them. They all went the same way as the tracksuit. Trouble was they were a reminder of a bad time in my life as well as being big.

On the good side, you'll find the smaller you get the cheaper clothes are too and they look better. Once I got to my target last time, I could buy a dress for 6.99 in a sale and it would look better on me than a 50.00 one did before.

Do you not have a final target that you want to get to yet?


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