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Italian Style Beef Stew


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This is not PP as it all depends on how many you are making it for and how many PP you are willing to use.

It can be served with Chips, potatoes or Rice, or we include the potatoes in the actual recipie.

Beef of any sort cut into strips, easy to use beef stir fry if needed
Beef Stock Cube
Potatoes if including them in the dish
1) Dry Fry or in Low Cal Spray the beef
2) Add Onions
3) Separate pan cut and par boil carrots & potatos (other veg could be included)
4) Add passata to the beef when it is cooked and simmer.
5) Add the par boiled veg into the pan
6) Crumble in a beef stock cube and mix well.
7) Continue to cook for a little while further until veg is tender

A pan-full does a full evening meal for OH and I J
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Here to help :-)
Thank you Delleh, for coming over from the Dark Side (SW) to share with us WW'ers :D:D:D

All travellers on the same path, eh ;)


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TBH Ive done SW for a year and lost 1stone 10lbs then got put on hormone treatment for 6months was told I could gain upto 3stone (from the hospital) and gained 10lbs which wasnt too bad! Now all ive done is maintain and I'm struggling SW wise as I eat a lot on the go! - So...WW is better for me, im now able to have more "normal" foods than before too :)


Here to help :-)
Well, the more the merrier on here. It's interesting, any time I log on here, there seems to be about 4 or 5 time more people on the SW plan than the WW plan, so it must work for some people. Right now, I'm coming to terms with the new PP system, and I seem to be doing ok on it. Best of luck with your continued weight-loss, and keep those interesting recipes coming...

Kind regards,

I lost under between 1 and 2 stone with SW about 6 years ago. It's a great diet and I don't think it takes a lot of thinking about but I did find it a little restrictive at times and I also found meals to be a little too repetitive.


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Yeah i think thats what the issue is, we're having gammon egg and chips tomorrow for tea (or thats the plan lol) and id have had to make "slimming world friendly" chips and they're a right ball ache to make and get right! *laughs* BUT we shall see how I do this week! :D
I never liked SW chips. I'm not a fan of ovened chips at all really. Prefer to make bns wedges or forfeit the points and have real chips once in a while.


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Yeah well OH and I like wedges too so he's not gonna feel like he's "missing out" now LOL x

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