It's all going wrong...


I'm ill, it's gone past a cold and onto full blown influenza, i can't move, i feel dizzy, shaking and all sorts,
I'm losing my job in two weeks and all the time i'm off sick i'm not getting paid,
I'm meant to be going to my WI tonight to see damage over Christmas and to kick start my positivity and i'm trying to make 2009 my best year but how can i when i feel i'm knocking on heavens door.
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Hi brit, sorry you are feeling crapy at the moment. I think the way you are feeling you shouldn't worry about going to class tonight, tell your consultant you are sick and off work too. Sorry you are losing your job too but look on the bright side, nobody spoke so perhaps when you are in a new one you will enjoy it better (is it temping you do). Hope you are feeling better soon, as you are so ill i would just wait until better before trying to stay to plan etc x


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What a horrible time you are going through xx

Try to think of it as 1 bad thing, rather than lots. It is the stress of work which has made you ill and (possibly) not do well over Christmas with SW.

Losing your job is not a nice thing but try and view it as a new start.

Being a newbie here I don't know your circumstances, but is it a chance for you to retrain in a career that you are really interested in.

Sue xx


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dON'T WORRY bRITTANY GET YOURSELF WRAPPED UO IN BED COUPLE OF PASTA AND GO'S AND A CUP OF TEA and just remember when one door closes another one opens this might be the best thing ever happens to you something amazing might be just around the corner XXXXX

Mrs V

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Awww Hun..I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling pants at the moment and I really hope that gets better soon (huge hugs for you). I know you dont have any money coming in whilst you are ill, but you cant go in if you are at death's door, so concentrate on getting better and as soon as that happens you will be able to deal with anything that is thrown at you.

Take care.



Aww you are all so lovely.
I've spoken to my consultant and she does a group tomorrow night that's not far from me so hopefully i'll feel well enough to go to that one.
I really want a cup of tea but havent got any sweetner/sugar or anything *sigh* lol.

I'm trying to think positive because i believe illness is helped by state of mind, if you feel rubbish in yourself you'll feel worse, if you think positive and try to stay happy, you'll get better quicker.

If anyone is in the Maidstone area and fancies bringing me some sweetner, wholemeal bread and chicken soup i'd be your friend for life. Haha...

I've just had breakfast of quorn sausages, toast, eggs (frylight) and beans. I feel like i've got a bit more energy now, got itv 2 on with Jeremy Kyle lol. xx

Mrs V

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No!!! Dont do Jeremy Kyle, it will depress you even more!!!! Lol!!!
Take yourself off for a hot bath/shower, I know it will be an effort with you being poorly, but you will feel better for it afterwards!.
If I lived closer Hun, I would be there in a shot to help you out.


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aw honey so sorry to hear that am sending you lots of huggles from Wakefield


Aww thanks chick. I'd do the same for you.

I'd love a bath but i've only got a shower and really don't have the energy to get back out of bed....