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Its all gone Pete Tong!


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Morning all,
I have really found it difficult this week.
Pre mentsral cravings have got the better of me and I have picked at rubbish most of the week.
WI is tomorrow and I am dreading it.
I won't give up though, I have come this far (WK3) I just feel abit dissapointed in myself.
I know I am gonna put weight on
oh well....
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Hi this is my first week on the CD, seeing the CDC this afternoon.:)
I had really bad craving for junk food yesterday, so i made the thick hot chocolate custard out of the chocolate shake, it really took the cravings away and actually filled me up..lol.
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Hey Jambro, i know how you are feeling but you have done soo well!
Its an ongoing battle and i dont think its won in a matter of weeks.
Keep positive and think about how well you have done and how much better you are feeling. Bloomin hormones! Fingers crossed for your weigh in x
This happened to me this week on LL. It was last weekend that I could not resist the PMT cravings + had to suffer the consequences on the scales this week.

Oh well, it's history is my attitude -- roll on another week and hopefully the pounds will come down again.

(My weigh in this week was also week 3.)

I also think some people (inc poss LL and CDC counsellors / doctors / friends / all sorts of people) really UNDERESTIMATE the amount that PMT cravings can affect some women.

So, it's happened -- deal with it, move on -- we know the diet works and the weight will come off quicker with this sort of diet (LL or CD) than any other diet.
;) Know just how you feel, was doing really well and lost a stone in the first 3 weeks then nothing in week 4. I have read lots of people say that weeks 3/4 are the hardest. I struggle with all the water which makes me feel bloated but find that I now have to drink water first thing in the morning otherwise I get the shakes! I also feel cold quite alot. Have had more energy generally though..........and enjoying the nice comments people make when they notice that you have lost weight! We can do this!!:p

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