Its Day 100 for me!!!


Well I can't quite believe it but I have officially finished foundation! I had my last weigh in last night and will be joining a development class.

My weight loss in the end was 41 pounds and a bit, so only just short of the 3 stone, but I'm not going to fight over that. Its a huge amount of weight to have lost in a hundred days.

How do I feel? well I'm not entirely sure. Theres some other stuff going on at the moment thats making me not altogether happy so its bound to be having an effect.

To begin with I was quite down because I know I will need another 40-60 days to get to my goal, and psychologically I think I had only prepared myself for 100 days. However I got over that by reminding myself how quickly the hundred days have passed, because they really have flown by!

I'm one of the many who despite having no clothes left that aren't falling off me, still sees a fat woman in the mirror.

Sometimes I manage to be positive and sometimes not, but for some reason I thought today would feel like a positive day and for some reason it doesn't particularly.

I think its more to do with other stuff, my husband usually works away a month / home a month and we know he is likely to be off again within the next week. I have discovered during abstenance that the first few days he is away is a dangerous time for me as I find it hard. I have my little girl who is almost 2, I work 30 hours a week, have a big house to look after and its darned hard work on your own! I take my hat off to any single mothers out there.

We also had a big falling out at new year, which we have agreed to forget about and start again rather than falling out for days, but I think I am still feeling a bit down about that. On the whole we do get on pretty well its just that when we do fall out its usually quite spectacular!

I was hoping to be done by our 10th wedding anniversary and I may or may not be now depending on how quickly it goes. Our anniversary is 1st of march and my losses are a little slow. However I don't even know if my husband will be here or if it will fall during a trip away for him, in which case we celebrate late anyway. I may just suggest to him we put off the celebration even if he is here, as I have had it fixed in my mind to really have made the best of myself by then. I will be needing a whole new wardrobe and have decided to have a haircut too.

I am planning to start and spend 15-30 mins every other day working with the strap to help my bingo wings and the ball to help my tummy so that should help too!

I am looking forward to the end and I know its only a couple of months give or take a few weeks. I am hoping the extra stone and 3/4 I have left will make all the difference to how I look and feel. I have an arrangement with a friend to take me shopping as I admire the way she dresses, and I have about £500 to spend on clothes so that will be great! (its kind of my christmas and birthday all together) I have discussed with some honest friends about haircuts too and I have chosen my 'new do' and I want a bit of red through it too, so I am looking forward to that as well.

I think I'm just in limbo just now, I've achieved a lot, but I'm not there yet. I look better but not as good as I will, I have hardly any clothes and refuse to spend money as I know it won't be too long. (had a look around some 2nd hand shops yesterday but they didn't have anything I liked!) so I can't reward myself with clothes yet. I want to wait for the haircut too as I want to kind of have a 'big makeover moment' what with the new clothes at the time too.

I want my husband to walk in the door and think I'm someone else just for a moment!

hey ho, I'm darned ungrateful aren't I? You'd think 3 stone would be enough to motivate me!


OK ladies cheer me up please!!!!

I'll start the cheering up then! lol. Mags, you've done brilliantly! 3 stone is fantastic... but I understand completely when you say you thought you'd feel differently. My 100 days is up on Tuesday... and although I've lost all the weight I really expected to in Foundation, to my eyes it hasn't made the impact on me physically that I thought it would. Maybe for both of us our expectations were a bit high for this initial period, and maybe we're still seeing ourself in a distorted light because we dont have the right mentality yet.

I'm holding on to hope that the next (and last?) stone and a half to two stone will be incredibly dramatic... you just have to remember, the lighter you are, the bigger impact each pound makes because its a bigger percentage of your new body weight.

There's nothing like having your heart set on finishing on a certain date, and knowing you need to stay longer... its SO very sad. But say you have a month or two left... thats 8 weeks, you've already done 13... you've sailed past your half way mark and the end, with a new you, is in sight!

You'll have an amazing time shopping in your new smaller size, and £500 should go a hell of a long way. I have the same plan you do with having a completely new haircut for a dramatic new look from the chin up too... and I'm sure yours will look fab.

Just keep telling yourself its not long left now, you've gone this far and you can really do anything... I hope you start feeling more upbeat soon!
Hats off to ya for doing your 100 days!! :cool: And I love the idea of a 'reveal' with new haircut and everything BUT....

One thing I tell all my clients is to have at least one outfit in their wardrobe that fits them NOW. Why? Because they need to have something they can wear that makes them aware of what they have achieved; because it doesn't have to cost a fortune to get something pretty that fits; and why put off to tomorrow what you can do today?

Treat yourself - £1 for every 1 lb you have lost - and get yourself something to say 'well done on completing foundation' - you deserve it! :D
Good advice! I need someone to tell me to STOP buying things that fit now... I'm going to have no money left for clothes when I'm done!
congrats .....i'm day 94 so will know how you feel next week .....i to have to loose another stone .......

treat yourself to a pedicure as our poor feet have to carry our weight around for all those years!!!
thanks girls!

meghan I do think its more our mental state, everyone who knows us can see the difference its just that we can't for some reason.

I actually did buy a new pair of jeans and a top about 3-4 weeks ago. I wanted them for my 'after picture' as I knew it wouldn't have any impact in big baggy clothes. Somehow I can't even see much difference in my 'before' and 'after' pics. I think I'm mentally unbalanced lmao!

The top is nice and still fits and the jeans aren't bad but they are getting loose already.

I like the idea that a pound makes more difference the smaller you are, that would be great! and I do think I am shrinking out my clothes faster even though the weekly losses haven't really changed.

Maybe I'll have a look and see if I can get a cheap 'bundle' on ebay....

and have a rake around some other 2nd hand shops too, I didn't exactly exhaust the possibilities yesterday....

Mags - That is just fantastic. I am on about day 80 and have another 1.5 stome to lose so I know I won't be finished until February. Do you rember in the beginning when you counted each day and didn't think you'd get to Day 7 let alone Day 100? Well you've done it - we've had 3 women drop out of our group and completing this phase is a massive sucess in its own right. I've lost about the same as you and I have tried not to really buy too many new clothes but I did get a few bits in the sales. I know I look better but I know what you mean when you see a fat women in the mirror - I think it will take me years to get me head out of that space.

It helps me to remember how desparately depressed I felt before I started. At least I don't look in the mirror now and just want to cry, so I guess I have moved on. Its rubbish that you're havining a bad time. I am a mom of 4, work full-time, have a husband at college and work away a lot. These pressures do add up and sometimes I feel overwhelmed but I get on here and have a chat and it does help.

Do celebrate! Do smile! and think, when you're rolling round the floor with your little girl, that not only do you feel better and enjoy it more but you have probably added a few years to your life too!

CHin up and all the best in development. See you on the other side.
Congratulations Mags,

It's a really great achievement to have arrived at 100 days doing LL. Don't underestimate this achievement - it's fantastic!

I'm like you, I have had to do another couple of months (or so) to get to a healthy weight. I am hoping to complete Development by the end of February, then do the 12 weeks of Management to take me to the end of May, then have a month to get used to 'normal' eating before going on a cruise in July. Phew, I hope I have learned by then to have a good, healthy attitude to food and eating (thinking like a slim person is my goal).

Good luck with your continued weight-loss!
hey Mags,
That is great news, well done you ! I hope you do get some clothes, I bought myself stuff in the sales and feel so much happier in things that fit. It felt like a waste of money as I have as much to lose again BUT after getting to 100 days I deserved it and so do you ! 3 stone is fab
Hi everyone, thanks for your replies!

It really helps to have people who understand the inability to see the losses in the mirror, everybody else out there assumes we can see it ourselves.

Cake n eat it!! your hands are much fuller than mine how do you cope with 4 kids??

I think I will have a rake for some cheapie clothes, maybe it will make me feel a bit more positive again.

When I say positive, I still have absolutely no intention of giving up until I am at the weight I want to be, so my motivation is still there.

Day 101 today! and I do think I am feeling a bit better. We are having a party tonight, so needless to say I won't be able to eat the nibbles or drink any alcohol, but I'm still not actually bothered by any of that.

Thanks again for the cheery replies!

hugs everyone

Hooooooooge Congratulations! I'm on day 95 and can relate a little to your feelings. I think I should be feeling more jubliant but I want to lose another 3-4 stone so I'm looking at another 100 days before I even get to maintenance... :(

Someone put some good advice on here about going into a shop and trying on clothes that you wouldn't normally choose for yourself - it might shock you into seeing the new you, the slim you!

Many many congrats!!
Well done on the 100 days, it is a massive achievement.

I can relate to most of the things you have said about your self image - I felt (and still feel) exactly the same. I still have about a stone and a half left to get to my goal but I don't see the slimmer person - only the fat one.

My sister said something that is very true - when you are fat you see yourself slimmer than you really are and when you are slim you see yourself fatter than you really are - I therefore think our minds eye actually sees us as somewhere in the middle if that makes sense?

I have had the "me overhaul" - at the beginning of December I had a new hairstyle and pink hair (it has calmed down now and is actually more red than pink I think), I moved over into contact lenses and I bought a fair few new clothes. I only want to drop one more size (to a 12 rather than a 14) but am quite happy where I am. That made all the difference - periodically I see glimpses of how others must see me but almost as quickly as it the vision comes, it disappears again.

Dressing in clothes that fits definately helps the way you see yourself but it does take a heck of a long time for the brain to catch up. When we were on holiday over Christmas my husband (much to my total disgust) took a few pictures of me in my swimming costume. Obviously I got him to delete them as soon as I saw them (well he put up a heck of a fight but I threatened to jump on the camera and he knew I wasn't joking) but I have to say that the vision of me did shock me because I certainly don't see myself as that.

I know I still have a way to go but I am no longer huge like I was before - I just wish I could feel like the slim person all the time.

Go buy yourself some clothes for now in the sales, that will lift your spirits no end, I promise!!
It's true Mags what everyone is saying, invest in a couple of items of clothing that fit now. Have a look in second-hand shops - they often have lovely quality stuff that's hardly been worn. I got a gorgeous two piece skirt suit with a fitted jacket for less than £7. I know it will only fit for a month or so (hopefully) before getting too loose, but it's better than constantly hitching up the trousers that are hanging unflatteringly round my hips, or wearing tops which drown me and keep falling off my shoulders!

It really is an incentive to keep going, too.

Thetimeisright - you're so right about being confused about what you look like. I still cannot see it and wonder instead if the clothes I am now buying are in fact 'the right size' or has a mistake been made (is this REALLY a size 14? Why does it fit?)

When I saw my 'before' picture at LL I was shocked that I looked like that - size 24.
hi there,
well done !!!!!
you should be soooooo proud of your achievement , ESPECIALLY with the circumstances you are living with, my hubby laughed so hard when i told him about you as he said i could have written it , i too have an absent part time hubby , a ginormous (half done , i may add:p ) house and a 21 month old to care for as well as running my salon full time , so i totally see where you are coming from , but i thnk you need to appreciate how amazing you have done to complete this 100 days when youre life is like one big rollercoaster of emotional upheaval , i was TERRIFIED when my husband was due home as i alway gain weight when he is here , nice meals in and out ,copious ammounts of wine and beer do little for my waistline, so was amazed that i have stuck to this so well and i feel sooo proud of me when i look in the mirror because i know that everytime he goes or comes home its an emotional (thus food) nightmare waiting to happen so you stand up and be counted girl because what you and all lighter lifers have acheived is something very few are capable of, and that alone without the added pressure is somethig to be especially proud of !!!
like any journey the getting there should also be an amazing time to learn ,grow and develop your senses, so enjoy each stage of the new you emerging , revel in your ability to run faster , dance lighter and jump higher each and every day and believe me you will soon see the beautifull you staring back from the mirror, dying to hold your hand on the rest of your journey until one day you wake up and see you in the mirror and you can let go of the hand that you once believed was you and will then know was just your past you holding you back, just think !!! thats so close.
Sukie Su!!

Its great to come across someone who can understand my life! It is hard to be constantly changing your routine as the husband comes and goes isn't it? Its like having 2 different lives and having to chop back and forth. Even when you are used to it, it still takes constant adjusting.

To be fair though I do have a good life so I can't complain too much.

You are right of course about not too many people being able to do the lighterlife thing. I have been lucky to have mostly supportive friends, but ALL of them agree they could never do it!

thanks again girls for all your replies, I am feeling much more cheery now!