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Its FRIDAY :D ***Lets do it Hour by Hour ***


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Hi everyone, I have never done the daily thread but as I'm up at the crack here goes!

I'm managing ok but somehow I don't feel any lighter, i guess that sounds odd but not expecting a massive loss this week.

I've got a PE lesson this morning, its the one thing I hate about my university course. I thought I left the humiliation of PE behind at school but instead we now have to do it with grown ups, gutted.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Morning girlies,

I hated PE at school aswell Chika i hope that you enjoy it once your there xx

Well im finding this week my first hard week since i started 6 weeks ago, i think its down the he lack of the choc tetras! i know theres loads of other shakes and soups to try from and ive tried them all with the exception of about 3 variaties that just dont appeal to me and im not getting along with any of them! My eczema is also still really bad, i have a doctors appointment tonight so fingers crossed they will be able to help me out rather than just fobbing me off as usual, its really starting to affect my confidence now as i have this massive blob of it on the right side of my chin and i feel as though everyones always looking at it when they see me :(

Anyway i better go and get ready, im getting picked up for work at 8. Hope everyone has good diet days xxx


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Morning all

I hated PE as well so my thoughts are with you chika! had a good day yesterday, 2 shakes, no snaks, 3 pints of water and 2 coffees i think.. or was it 4 pints of water? i can't remember. oh well. going to try hard again today. I have work tonight and am not really that thrilled about it to be honest. will check in with you later.
Good morning,
Chika i hated pe at school aswell,hope you enjoy it once you get going hun xx
Nessa well done for yesterday you done good xx
Sarah hope the doctors goes well hun xx

I had a bit of a naff night sleep wise and ened up getting up a couple of times for the loo, darn bladder!!lol, had a moment last night where i was so hungry but 1/2ltr water and a sort of frozen choc tetra sorted that out, but then i felt a bit hungry in the night too!!, I have my weigh-in at 1.45 today so am keeping my fingers crossed for that.
Good luck for anyone else with weigh-in today.
oooohhhhh pe makes me cringe. i hated it too !!! pig maroon colour knickers and a stupid skirt that didnt cover the thighs............ need i say more.
i am starting sole source today, finished the prep week... seeing cdc tonight and am hoping i have shed some pounds !!
Ohhh. PE, really brings back some bad memories!!!
Bottle Green Gym knickers ewwww!!

I hated the hurdles and anything else that involved running, but I held the record for Shot Putt and Discus...so not all bad.

Morning everyone!!!!

Well, what a grey day! The weather here in Hampshire is pants, but I am excited!!!
Not only have I managed to make it to Day10 of SS, but my beautiful Daughter is returning home after spending 3 days and nights with Nanny and Grand Dad in South Wales!!!!
Oh and the Boss has taken the day off too!!!
Hope everyones doing ok?

So far i have had 1ltr water,1 black coffee and my brekkie,wont say what dont want to upset those doing ss!

Right am off out need to do a couple of bits b4 i see my cdc, one of the things i am going to do is go in to the underwear shop here and get my boobies measured i am so desperate now for a new bra and haveput off doing for to long now!!
catch you all in a while xx
cor blimey, where is everyone today? hope your all having a fab day,and so busy that you all have been good!!
Well my trip into town was good had boobies measured!! and my not so long ago 38d boobies have shrunk to a 34c oh my god!!. so have come home with 2 new bra's that FIT

Also had my weigh-in today and have lost 2lb doing the 1000plan wooooohooooo


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Good loos Tara and congrats on the smaller boobies!

Its a bit quite in here today. I've been getting a bit busy on ebay ordering clothes for the new smaller me, Anyway first lot arrived today in size 22 and guess what they all fit! I'm really pleased cos I really didn't expect them to. And considering I had a struggle to get into 26/28 just three weeks ago I'm on top of the world right now!

Hows your day going?
Wow well done Chika!!!!! bet you feel really good :)

I am on day three of my re-start on ss and am starting to struggle slightly..........not really sure if I am hungry?? but food keeps popping into my head. Also its takeaway nite so hubby and kids will be eating lots of lovely food later :( I may have to go for a soak in the tub so I am not tempted hahahahaha



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Thats a good idea lolly, go and get yourself some extravagant bubbles (I think lush do the best) and soak while they are eating. just removed the temptation a wee bit!


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Well done Tara..not far to go now you will soon be there. :)

I'm hoping my boobs won't shrink any more otherwise I won't find them LOL :eek:

Had a bit of a cr*p day on and off...CD still ok..have my weigh in tomorrow so hoping for another good one. A bit slow on the water today, need to get another couple litres in.

Catch up all up later.

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