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***It's FRIDAY!! Let's take it hour by hour***

It's been a long time since i started the daily, but after my "trying - on - suits" experience yesterday i'm determined to shift this weight. I'm around 13st and know that i need to only get to 11st to start feeling more confident. My ultimate goal is 8st 13 but i'm going to take it a day at a time.

How's everyone doing? Any plans for today?

Have a happy CD day!!
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Wey Hey A daily, 1st this week I think. Thanks BG for starting it.

I am lurking about at the moment I too need to get back to it. I have had alot going on recently and need to focus more.

You know the score BG and You know you can do it. Think of that beautiful dress that you want and use that as your goal,

Good luck with any of you with weigh ins today.

my goal is i want to wear knee high boots with black jersey trousers and a long top to cover my belly and bum and look resonably presentable ! then strut my stuff


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hey guys. am really tired today.

checked out what my bmi should be on the cambridge web site and apparently the maximum weight somebody my height and age should be is 10st 7!! i'm not sure i want to lose that much. at 11st i'm a comfy 12-14...

abz xx
I just started today, feeling ok.. not sure if Im focussing too much on how Im feeling. I might need to break the network or a few PC's at work to give me something to do and take my mind off it.

Dont feel any adverse effects yet.. my tea with no milk has lasted about 2 hours and tastes funny. :)

Drove into work this morning after my choc mint and asked my g/f if I looked any thinner.. she said "yes babes".. not sure if she was telling the truth.


Finally a size 12!
Hi Guys!! In work at the mo feeling good as my top that i wore 4 weeks ago that was tight is now too baggy! And my river island jeans are toooo big!! Size 14 here i come!!!

Feeling positive as got another 3lbs to lose then ive hit the 2 stone loss mark! Im aiming for 11 stone and then maybe see how i feel from then maybe lose few more pounds so i dont feel to bad if i put on a few when i finish xxxx
Hi guys, there hasnt been a daily in a while. Just on my 1st litre water havent had a shake yet.wet and miserable day here as usual!! have few bits and bobs to do later on in town so that should keep me busy. Best of luck to anyone with wi and to the Loosers :)

becky xx


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I've been to see my CDC for my 2 weeks supply of tetras, the fridge shelf is hanging on for dear life! Been to Argos to get a necklace and earrings for the wedding next week, then went to Mothercare to get Harry some new shoes. Poor child has gone up a whole size, no wonder his toes were breaking through his old ones! :eek:

Have started on the water, and think I may have half a tetra shortly.

Good luck to all especially those with weigh ins! xx


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Hi all:). Sitting on my a*&se looking at the hoover and the ironing board which have not as yet been switched on:p. Really need to clean this house - it's manky.


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LOL!! Me too, got loads of stuff i could be doing but would rather be sat in front of pc on here!!!!


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:sigh:I know, I'll probably do my usual 10 mins before OH comes home I'll be like a tornado around the house and he'll come home thinking i've been skivvying all day :D. Better get up and do something now - Minis is really fab for support for weightloss but is really bad for getting housework done!!:eek:
Hey hey!! How's everyones water intake?! Mine's SHOCKINGLY good!! 4 litres down!!


First Goal Under 20st!
Mine is rubbish today , about a litre . But just about to get ready for night shift start at 19.00 .

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