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Its FRYDAY ** Lets do it hour by hour **

Good morning,

yes dodgy spelling day of the week has arrived :D lol, was gonna do it yesterday but had no tinternet for the day :cry:

hope you all had a good day yesterday, i shall go have a read of yesterdays thread in a mo to catch up

good luck to all with weigh-ins today

i have my weigh-in this afternoon @ 1.45 so fingers crossed

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Good Morning Tara,Hope your ok,good luck with your wi,looking forward to my wi again Monday should be near to my goal!! Soon be there in few weeks!!


I will get to goal .....
Happy days its FRIDAY!!! :D

This week seems to have flown by which is always nice, but finishing emptying my house this weekend ready to exchange/complete next week :eek:.

How's everyone doing? Got anything exciting planned for tonight or over the weekend?

Morning all! I'm off to work to help with the stock take for a few hours. Nothing exciting really! Going to see Joseph at the Ipswich Regent tomorrow, and might go to Cambridge on Sunday.

I love weekends :D!

Good luck to all with weigh ins today.

Hope you all have a good day.

S xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning all

Good luck Tara with your weighin today...

I am having a good week on day 5 of another restart (I know!)

Found that I have been very busy this week and not been posting very much. Had over a thousand new posts to skim through.

Have a good day each ...catch you later I hope.


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Morning all, been so busy at work not been on here for a few days. Tara - good luck for wi laterGemma, Dobbie, Sarette - morning and hope you have a good day glugging!Maggie - glad its going OK Happy as I lost 3lb this week - yippee!!!Going away next week to Edinburgh for a few days - I am SO looking forward to it as really need a break from work and the daily hum drum. Booked a nice hotel opposite the castle, it looks lovely so can't wait to get there. Going to have a break from CD, but try to eat sensibly, then get straight back into it when I get home. Might go and have a look in Primark and see if I can get a few cheapy clothes to put me on. Don't really want to spend any money on clothes, but I don't really have much to wear. I am OK in the week at work, but then at weekends I end up wearing the same pair of jeans and the same 2 or 3 tops. I must look like a right tramp!!Will keep logged on here today so I can pop in and out but then probably won't be around at all next week as home PC is so slow
hey guys, busy morning for me of to tesco for weekly shop. oh how i hate it especially the donuts section and bread and the smell!!!!!!!

Good luck to tara, and anyone else with wi's. Cant believe it friday already where has the week gone? Paddy's Day On monday gonna be soo weird the first paddys day in a long time im not intoxicated!! Will have to see how I cope monday!!

Anywhoos Catch ye later slimming buddies :D :D :D :D
Morning all :D

good luck with weigh in Tara :D

Have had success on the clothes buying front this morning thank goodness - was down to one pair of trousers that fit! Decided to pop to Matalan on the off chance they would have something I liked and joy of joys they have started a sale :D Didn't want to spend huge amounts as hopefully these clothes won't fit me in a little while so it was perfect - 2 pairs of trousers and 3 tops to put in my bare wardrobe now, lol! (and only £35 worse off for it!)

We are off to see dd's performance in Aladdin tonight so I'm looking forward to that. Went to parents evening last night and teacher told me I looked glam! Was wearing yesterday's t-shirt from Asda, lol! (makes me wonder what on earth sort of sight I must have looked before :eek: ) and one of the Mum's said I was looking fabulous and had I lost a lot of weight. A good night for the ego :party0011:

Now off to take dd's swimming stuff to school, she forgot it this morning bless her.
Good morning everyone. Had wi last night 9lbs loss currently weighing in at 9st 2lbs this morning. I start maintance on Monday and I'm scared as hell. I want to stay on ss until i get to goal lol

I'm currently at work and doing nothing as it's Friday. Tomorrow I think I shall go shopping. have friday everyone lol xxxxx
hey all, day 3 dor me today, stuggling on the water front, just about drinking the minimum required. Just having a vanilla shake, it's lovely, tastes just like macdonalds shake, lol.

Anyhoo, hoping I can do 3 litres of water today!

Good luck all!
Morning all

Lol Tara and good luck with the WI
Sarah-Enjoy Joseph Is it the one with Craig ?If it is we saw it at Bromley it was fab-and although loved the west end version with Lee I thought Craig was more charasmatic!
Jenn-Fab wait loss Hun
Dobbie-Good luck with move
To the shoppers among you-enjoy your new buys!
Becky-good luck with a dry Paddy's Day

Busy day at work today.Off to Brum tomorrow to see family!Lets see how glam Georgie can look this time!!!!I've got a new pair of killer boots!!!

Have a great day everyone and good luck with WI's
See you at the Cambridge arms later Clare!Limo for 8o'clock!!


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Had my first returning weigh in last night, lost 5 3/4 pounds in 5 days. Very pleased.

Week 2 - day 1 here I come.

Good luck everyone

Well done maz!


MUST get a grip
Morning all

Busy day at work today.Off to Brum tomorrow to see family!Lets see how glam Georgie can look this time!!!!I've got a new pair of killer boots!!!

Have a great day everyone and good luck with WI's
See you at the Cambridge arms later Clare!Limo for 8o'clock!!

Go girlfriend!!!!! In the 'killer boots'..... I've told you wat to do about 'she who should not be named?????' jam her in the boot and tell everyone how rude she is for not attending ;);););););).... Ahh only kidding Georgie, you'll both look fab!

Limo all booked - lets get on it this evening......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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