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It's going OK

Hi everyone, I'm a new kid on the block!!! I'm in my sixth week at Lighter Life and have decided to join in and get some inspiratiin from you all. I've lost 30 lbs in the five weeks and next weigh in tomorrow night, fingers crossed. My trousers are feeling loose, but I don't seem to be able to fit in the next size down yet...gosh they must have been tight before!:eek: anyone out there at a similar stage to me?? I'm getting a bit fed up with the food packs and four litres of water a day going down but not without a fuss! Hope there is someone fancies a chat.Julie
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Hi nice to have you join in theres lots of good advice on here very inspirational, and if you have a problem there is always someone to help or give advice or encouragement very well done on your weight loss so far keep it up:clap:
Thankyou for making me feel welcome, your the only person who did! I waited for about an hour too.
I'll try again after wiegh in tomorrow bye for now and thanks again.Julie


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It's a quiet night tonight I think - it takes a while to get a response sometimes - also I think it's holiday season as well. Welcome from a week 23er - and congratulations on your fabulous loss so far!
Hi and welcome you are doing really well.Im on week 6 have lost 24 pound ,i went away last week so i didnt expecy to loose any.Hope to get my 2 stone next week.Good luck and welcomexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi Julie....it can sometimes take a while to find someones thread but someone will always stop by. I usually post then go looking round everyone elses then forget about mine and then would go back to a few replies.

Great to have you on board though.....do keep going as you have done so well.


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Great losses so far julie. well done! Im not on LL but theres lots of people here to share the good and bad days with! xxxxx
Wow, how lovely to get all these welcome replies this morning! I must admit I was a bit down when I only had one last night!!! I thought I'd just have a look again this morning and was really chuffed . Thanks for all your encouragement. I'll sign in again after weigh in tonight. Does anyone else get as nervous as me at weigh in.? I keep think OMG what if I haven't lost anything!! Does anyone else not have anything to drink or any packs after lunch time on weigh in?? I think if I do I will weigh more. This has got to be unhealthy thinking me thinks! Carla, your baby looks lovely!

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Hi Julie and welcome, glad you found minimins,

I get nervous at WI too, I always make sure I have the same number of packs and litres of water and stop drinking at the same time before I go every week.

Well done on the 30lbs loss, thats brilliant.

Welcome! Dont be despondent if people dont reply straight away...its not that people dont care! I didnt even log in yesterday as was soo tired and had to catch up on phone calls....Well done on the weight loss & keep up the good work! Re weigh ins I've chilled a bit now and try to see it as a process rather than specific goals every week plus my losses have been quite slow so needed to come to terms with this early so as not to sabotage myself!
Hi Julie
Welcome to LL - its the best diet known to woman (and man) and the people on minimins are really inspirational. Congrats on your weight loss - that's really good. I'm in my 10th wk so just a little bit further along the way.
About WI's, at the moment I feel the opposite to you in that its the only diet I have ever been on where I haven't felt nervous at WI.. purely because I just feel that its a physical impossibility not to lose weight if 100% abstinent. (didn't stop me only losing half a pound one week much to my shock..:eek:.)
Hope your WI tonight brought only good news for you.
Another 3lbs melted away yipee! Thats 2st and 5 whole pound in jsut 6 weeks! It would have taken me over 6 months of heart ache on other weight loss programmes. Its working and I am feeling really enthused tonight. Has anyone stopped to wonder where all that weight goes!? I made a massive mistake this week and weighed myself at home. I used to do that everyday but have been trying not to.
Tonight we were given a sheet with some recipees on for making things with the packs. I must admit I am not keen on trying cos if I dont like the result thats a whole meal( or so to speak!) ruined.
anyway I now feel part of this fabulous web site and I'm sure all your posts are going to help me along the way.


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Hi Julie,

I am only on day 3!!:eek:So very early on, but I just wanted to say that I love the different things that you can make with the packs....I have got a recipe sheet from ebay with em all on....and I think even at this early stage I have really enjoyed em, so go for it!!!

Hi Thin Lizzy, wow you are really adventourous trying those so early on!! I think thats really brill, you have made me think I should give them a go. I have the savoury drinks, so if they go belly up I can always have one of those instead. How are you feeling? , on day three I was feeling like OMG what have I done! No matter what I feel like now, I'm going to see this through to the end if its the last thing I do!


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Hi Julie

By my reckoning you're going to be on day 6 now - how's it all going for you?

I've been on hol the last week so only just reading the posts and catching up.

Stick with the diet, it's amazing and you'll be so glad you did.

I'm currently back on day 1 after having eaten for the first time while on holiday.

Best of luck


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