It's gooooood! Is this the way?!?!


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Another 9lb lost this week :D
I was wondering if anyone does what I do!

So I do 100% SS Monday-Friday
Having 4 packs
Black coffee
Lots of water

My job is extremely physical, might as well go to the gym it's that physical. But best thing is even on SS I feel full of beans even starting it again every week.

So when it comes to weekend I get weighed Saturday morning and then I eat what I want for 2 days. Obviously not going mad no alchol or anything prob 1 take-away.

Every time I do this I lose arou d 9lb in 5 days every time!

And the I start all over again Monday.

But am I doing any damage? Am I shocking my body and keeping my losses high? What do u think honest oppions please:D
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I very much doubt you could 'damage' yourself in this way. If this routine suits you, fine. Most probably would not lose as much as you on such a plan - and many would not lose at all!

I don't know how overweight you are but you may find as you get closer to goal that you need to be a lot stricter. Most people do. But in the meantime if you are enjoying this way of doing Cambridge and it is working for you, then why not?


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i think.... bearing in mind i have not being doing his very long, that the SS is working for you throughout the week then thats cool but if you enjoy eating why dont you move up too SS+ and replace your 4th shake of the day with a 200kcal dinner?
kinda gives you more flexibility and you will stay in ketosis.
personally i have only ever given in once in 12 days and that was having a pure meat burger (no bun) (high protein)
as it was it didnt kick me out of ketosis if anything it speeded up my weight loss ( i am showing a 4lbs loss in 4 days at the moment)
so i think if your going to do it, do it enjoy it but stick to Protien and no carbs, although im pretty sure if you do come out of ketosis i dont think it takes the 72-96 hours to get back again - probably more like 24-36 tops
perhaps have a word with your CDC as if your job is quite mannual maybe being on SS isnt quite right for you
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I don't know enough about the physiology of what you are doing to comment on that.

What I do know is that it's important to find a plan that works for you long term. If you find this is working then why not? Many people would struggle with this but you aren't 'many people', you're you!