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It's Happening Again

To cut a long story short, I had an eating disorder a few years ago. I was 6.5 stone. Anyway, every time I go on a diet or plan, for some stupid reason I decide it is better not to eat at all, rather than weigh food or count points. (have done WW quite a few times in the past and the same thing happens) So I have been doing SW since Monday, and yesterday decided the best thing to do is not eat. So I haven't, and of course I know this is my eating disorder kicking in again.
What is wrong with me that I can't follow a diet that millions of people do every day, without cutting out food totally?
The only plan I could follow without getting obsesssed with food was SlimFast and that gives me awful tummy problems.
So I am stopping SW for now, I will see if I can stick to cutting out junk and eating smaller portions, which I can do, it seems to me that my brain can't cope with the words 'diet' or 'plan' without thinking it means 'stop eating'.:(
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Jesus! dont stop eating! go and see your GP and explain your concerns, please please please promnise me you will speak to someone!
Look after yourself
Ruthy xxx
I have only stopped eating since yesterday lunchtime, I have eaten tonight since I decided to stop dieting. Honestly, I'm fine if I don't 'diet', that's when I get obsesssed with food.
Yes, I did a while ago. It only happens now when I try to diet I am fine otherwise. I think for some people, me included, diets are not good, as I tend to become obsessed with what I am eating, like 'did I weight that correctly' or whatever, but I can cut out junk and have smaller portions with no problems at all, it happens when I am actually doing a diet, as in a proper plan.
Thanks everyone for your support. I think for now I will take a break from the forums, what with my issues with food and dieting, but thanks again for your help and support.


escaping the fat
Coco, You are a very strong woman for recognising that old bad habits were kicking in and very brave to come on here and tell us. A trip to the doctor may help you know. At least if you can speak to the surgery dietician they could tell you abetter way of controlling your food healthily. Please stay in touch and let us know how you are. Take care.
Thanks for your reply. Today I am feeling much better about it all, I am eating norrmally, I mean as in breakfast,luch and dinner etc and I am not worrying I might have eaten the wrong thing or not stuck to my diet.

I feel happy today, I feel in control of my eating. Proper diet plans and me just don't go together. Which doesn't mean I am stuffing myself full of junk, I can eat sensibly and not get obsessed about it.
good for you babe, stick at it xxx

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