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  1. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Lots of thinking (ooo my brain hurts!!) I wondered why the mega binges, and more particularly why I choose the foods to binge on that I do?

    I am now certain our old chum crooked thinking is at work here. Imagine you were listening to my voices recently...

    "god I am starving, really hungry. Am sooo p****d off with this diet. Whats the point, I wont ever get to goal. Have I ever in the past?? So, I am gonna eat, just Now what???? Well, I know I am not allowed anything on LL, so if I am going to munch through the trough it might as well be really really bad stuff, mightnt it? After all, I'm not allowed lettuce,tomatoes, anything at all. SO equally I'm not allowed biscuits, chocolate, Pringles.... I am going to be hung for a penny, so lets go for the pound! "

    And off I go. The rest, as they say, is LL & Minimins history. Why the bloomin heck has it taken me so long to work out this particular crooked thought? And why has it just dawned on me today? Maybe something is working somewhere, in my tiny, worn out brain??

    So, the next time these urges strike, I am going to argue back with that voice, that I am not allowed ANYTHING AND NOTHING IS WHAT I WHILE HAVE, SO BLINKIN THERE! (except water of course!!)

    Cheers all!!
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  3. Rebelheart57

    Rebelheart57 Member

    You go girl!!!!
  4. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    You do need that all or nothing approach when on a VLCD and for some people like me it has to be absolutely nothing otherwise your mind starts playing tricks, I never looked at what was safe to eat on the diet as for me it would have been a very slippery slope back to my bad ways.

    You are two thirds of the way to being slim and you have done seriously very very well but as you say it is time to knuckle down and finish the job off, and as part of that new you you must reeducate yourself on what to eat and break the emotional link between food and feelings (a hard one I will give you!!).

    Anyway keep up the good work and never forget what you have achieved and what you can do !

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  5. Helen

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    Sez and Icemoose

    What an inspirational thread, it has really hit the spot as far as I am concerned and I just wish I'd read it many hours earlier as I am not having a good time at the moment.

    I have found it increasingly hard to get back on track once I have slipped, any advice on how to get that early motivation back would be greatly appreciated (though may not be able to reply for a while as off on hols tomorrow). I have tried re-reading foundation book, goal setting, rewards. Am OK for a week or two then it all goes to pot again.

    Thanks to you both again, have printed out thread to take with me:)
  6. SandraEG

    SandraEG Full Member

    Lighter Life
    I'm trying to get back on track myself and one thing that worked today when I was out and about at lunchtime and wanted something was to get an iced black americano and slurp on that while I was wandering around. It was a bit different from having water, a bit more than having coffee but didn't break the diet.
  7. Sez

    Sez has started again!!


    ooh that sounds nice! I never thought of an iced coffee as a treat. Will try that next time I am out & about!
  8. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Hi Sez

    You are soooo right!! I have exactly the same crooked thinking. May aswell have full fat, full carb etc etc...

    All part of being a foodaholic eh?!?!?!

    Good luck with the rest of your journey!
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