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It's Monday*******lets Do It Hour By Hour****


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning...is everyone having a lay in this morning?

A bit dull and misty here but should be sunny later...

Busy day today....6 clients spread throughout the day, in between need to pop to town and then back for lunch (hot choc mint).

I will be popping in and out today....piggin' internet was playing up yesterday..kept throwing me off!!:mad:

Hope everyone has a good day

Has anyone got weigh in today???

Just had 1st litre....and a hot summer berry to get me going..:p
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Morning Maggie

Busy day for me too packing and cleaning before we leave for airport at stupid o'clock - 3am!! Got my WI this evening, will be the last one for two weeks as I don't get back until a week tomorrow.

Desperately trying to shift my bum of the extremely comfy sofa but nothing happening. Strong coffee on the go so maybe that will give me a kick!

Have a great day



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Have a brilliant holiday Georgie...we were in Gozo Sept 06...stayed on Malta, had a day trip over to Gozo...I loved it. Blue sea, blue sky and sun...what more would you want?
Morning Maggie & Georgie and everyone else,
I know what you mean Maggie about weather being dull and misty its yuck here too,but hay am only up the road from you so not suprised at the weathe being the same!! lol hope the sun does show up soon,
Georgie you lucky thing going on holiday wish i was, the only down side is the packing and unpacking,have a great time tho babe,and good luck for weigh-in later xx
Good luck to everyone else with weigh-ins today xx


I will get to goal .....
Morning Guys,

Hope everyone is doing ok and had a good weekend. Don't you hate Mondays!!!

Have a lovely holiday Porgeous, I'm very jealous. Hope everyone else has a good day.

Morning everyone.

Well, had a rubbish weekend and ate!! Many things happened, but I am back today - I weigh tomorrow, so I know I will have gained, but hey ho thats my fault!

We viewed a house on Saturday and will put an offer in when our Financial Advisor gets back to us.
Jason - Hubby is starting CD with me tomorrow, so the only food that we have in the house will be for Jessica.
Catch you all later.


Afternoon All,

I've got my WI tonight after my first week of SSing

I'm soooooooooo excited
I've been really good, not cheated at all and have drunk between 8 and 12 pints of water day:tear_drop::tear_drop:

I can't wait to see the results on the scales tonight.

Big Hugs to all


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good luck for tonight BeeDub....you will see a brill weight loss I have no doubt...well done.

Back home from town...having a breather before next client...treating myself to a coke zero...only had 2 litres water so far..so will have to up that a bit.

Hope everyones day is going swimmingly.

Has any one Seen Nessa??


I will get to goal .....
Good luck BeeDub .... can't wait to hear how you've done!!!
Fingers crossed for you x
Good luck Beedub will keep everything crossed for you!

Maggie is it your Birthday this week - did you find out what the surprise is yet??

Good afternoon to you all, weather is crapp her in nottingham as well.
I have my weigh in tonight so im hopeful! Good luck to any one else having a weigh in tonight.
Went shopping on Saturday and was pleased to see that i was 1 size down in trousers!! very pleased.
Start AAM tonight so i'm hoping that it dosen't make me want more food its my first time and i'm worried that once i start i won't be able to stop.
eating nothing is so much easier!
any way i will let you all know tommorow the results.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Yes.. it's tomorrow...and No he still hasn't told me. I asked him last night if I should pack a bag, he just laughed and said no rush!
I think he is enjoying the suspense....I will let you know when I find out.
ooooh, how exciting!! I will be long gone by then so a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow. I will have to wait until I get back to find out what your surprise was but I am sure it will be fab.

Oooo, the suspense!!!! Hedgemag - have a fabulous time whatever OH has up his sleeve!!! We want details when you return though!!!

Good luck with your weigh-ins BeeDub and Ceejay!!!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Oooo, the suspense!!!! Hedgemag - have a fabulous time whatever OH has up his sleeve!!! We want details when you return though!!!

Good luck with your weigh-ins BeeDub and Ceejay!!!!
Thanx mrs v...not sure that it's what's up his sleeve that I need worry about :D:D May have to leave the details out..Xrated:eek:

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