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**Its Monday** Lets do it hour by hour!!


MUST get a grip
Wot no daily - ??????????????????????????

Just got up, need coffee and to read papers, got late start at work....

Off to finish getting kids ready - hope you all had gr8 weekend, good luck for all this mornings WI's and well done all the losers so far!

Lots of Love
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Morning everyone!!

After an extreeeemly busy week and a very difficult time resisting roast dinner yesterday (I resisted YAY) I've decided to have a day curled up on the sofa with the small person watching cartoons..

Good luck with everyones weigh ins!

Have a good day all!

Well off work with poorly daughter who has had the sickness bug since sat night - bless, knew something was wrong when she turned down a freshly made fairy cake. Hope she gets better soon as they are looking at me in the kitchen boo hoo.

Find this diet much easier when in work not looking forward to easter holidays how sad is that!!!

Have a good day everyone

Hiya all,
Hope you all have a great day. I'm off to college then meetings, meetings, meetings!
Trying to stay on track but it's been really difficult last couple of weeks. Ho hum - this is a new week and a new day so gonna keep trying!
Take care, stay strong


Im just me!
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Good morning all,
Hope you all had a good weekend,back on track today after a break and feeling much happier.
Hope your all ok,good luck with wi results today :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
morning everyone

Hope you all a had a brill weekend

I am still amanaging ok ssing. I did have a meal out Sat but stuck to protein and veg and I am still in ketosis so happy about that.

I have clients this mornign and a guy coming over :D to have alook at me car the wishy washers have packed up.

Busy day, hope you all have a good one and good luck with any weighin today
Morning all :D hope the weekend was a good one for you. I managed to get my planting done and do some baking. Have got up with a cold and sore throat :eek: this morning, hoping it doesn't last long.

Good luck with any weigh ins today :D
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Hello evryone. I am on annual leave today through the 26 march so I am going to go to the local lesiure centre later to sign up...

I hope you all have a great day!!


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Sorry to hear you're sick Wiggly. I woke up with the same thing too! Again.

OH really pee'd me off last night, so rather than have another shake I ate a bar......2 in a day and we all know what that means. So I went to bed early and let him come up to a really good dutch oven. If only he knew.....
Morning all. Happy paddy's Day!!

Think its just gonna be a quiet day for me today. Might go to some parade's with the little lady.Cant believe its monday already. Hope everyone has a great day, will catch up later. :)
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Morning everyone!

Day 2 of SSing today and am already down 5lbs on yesterday mornings weight! I cant blinkin believe it! I have done this before but it is still shocking me!! :D I am only 2lbs away from the 13s!! AND I AM NO LONGER OBESE :D :bliss: I am so happy!!!

Just wanted to share this for those who are not finding it easy at the moment, remember, we WILL succeed and reach our goals :) xxx


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Well done wannabslim!


I will get to goal .....
Morning Gang!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! I managed to get all my stuff moved and house cleaned ready to hopefully exchange/complete this week (fingers crossed!).

Had quite a hard time this weekend, all sorts of food cravings (but I didn't cave) think it's because I really exerted myself on Saturday - never a good idea on so few calories.

Any whooo .... it's WI tonight so will find out whether I SS+ for another week or move up to 810. Not really sure how I feel about moving up. Guess a chat with my CDC will solve that one!!

Good luck to anyone else with a WI today! Stay strong & focused you guys



I will get to goal .....
Thanks hun!! Think it'll be 2 off maybe, was hoping for more but I know i'll get there eventually ;)

You are doing really well BTW!! Where in Berkshire are you? x


I will get to goal .....
Not too far from me then! I'm in Ascot!!


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
hello, some of you have read i'm coming back to CD, so if i can join in on the daily that would be brilliant.
So far had a coffee, a shake & 3/4 L H2o
hope you all have a good day

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