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It's Monday**** Lets Do It Hour By Hour****


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Right you losers I'm Back.....and 10lbs heavier so kicking butt and back on SS as of today..

Hope you all had a good week and the sun shone on you.

I had noticed the daily was a bit slack some days, come on peeps get posting. We all need support as the day goes on so get on here and get posting.

The Sh*te had hit the fan here as far as personal stuff goes so I might be on and off all week.

Have a good day and get losing that fat

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howdy hedgemag!! come on, you can do it!! 100% today.

i'm starving. why oh why hasn't ketosis stopped me being hungry?

abz xx
Day 4 in the Big Ketosis house.
Amilee Has been secretly hating Mr. Amilee after he said "aw,I would't eat that in front of you,"then asked her to buy him two snacks (I will not even name them!) from a petrol station while they were travelling.
Come on Hedgemag,I suggest on concentrating on doin nice things for yourself ( beauty treatment routines) talking to people who will keep your spirits up,whatever,so that you boost your positive feelings today.Abz,me too,but I am sure this will be better tommorow.


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morning all,

its my 4th weigh in today, not looking forward to it in the slightest, did 3 weeks on SS then switched to SS+ 100% (not sure if i made the right move:() seem to have gained an inch round the waist:confused: and dont think i have lost anything.:sigh:

Anyway, rambling over.

Hopefully next week will be a better one.

Have a good day.

debs x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
1st litre of water down and I had to have a Chocolate tetra as I was starving. I hope it will last me until lunch time. If I have to have 4 today, I will to get me through.
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Morning all
Maggie Hope Sh** gets cleared up soon!Hope the day goes OK and keep away from the chocolate!
Good luck with your weigh in Debs!

I'm all moody and grumpy today!no idea why!Ireoning pile is calling and I'm ignoring it
Have a great day everyone!


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well i made it until 9 to have my brekkie shake. a chocolate one. i always want the chocolate one recently. i have today off work, and tomorrow, and then back on wednesday, first time they'll have all seen me doing cd so hopefully they won't notice :)

still feeling light headed and funny. still getting headaches, still feeling bloated and still burping (i hate that!!) generally moody, not good, sorry guys, ha.

have had 1.5 litres so far this morning. thinking of having a bath.

abz xx
morning all, no water/shakes for me yet i never really start them until lunch time but still manage 4/5by the end of the day. Really should be drinking now as have to bring dd to the hospital and its a bit of a drive so dont want to stop to pee!!! Good luck to anyone with wi's.

Come on everyone we can and will do this, keep goin we will lose the flab

becky xxxxxxxxxxxx


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Morning all. been off the board for a few days, work and personal stuff!!! Anyway Sat was my WI and I lost 3lbs this week :) Realise that I need to be drinking far more water than i am. problem is when i'm working i never know if i'm going to be near a loo!!! So i tend not to drink too much just in case! Had a T&W muffin this morning and a pint of water. Working nights tonight - YUK so going to try and stretch out my packs today. Have a good day everyone and HM hope you get your stuff sorted out soon, Bronwyn, come on hun you can do it xx


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back from my weigh in and just had my tin of tuna in springwater and my two baby gem lettuce leafs.

drinking water like its going out of fashion.

Planning on a nice long walk with the dogs when i get back from work.

hope everyones ok

debs x


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I had about 1litre of water prior to first shake at 11:15am. I am running to the loo more times than getting any work done :( I am now having hunger pangs. I'm now on my 3rd litre of water.

Maggie, I hope things clear up. You can do it.


Lisa Marie

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G: 10st0lb
Hi everyone

Got my WI later tonight and I don't think it's gonna be good. I did 810 last week and it looks like I've sts, but it is TOTM so that could be why.

Feeling a bit down myself I go on holiday in 3 weeks time And I wanted to be at goal for then but there's no way I'm gonna lose a stone by then. So it looks like I'll be back to ss when I come back to get rid of my holiday gain and what I didn't manage to get off before my hols.


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Afternoon all,

hope everybodies ok today and feeling good. Had a tough week last week after WI. Visited mum in England and everybody was eating McDonalds one night and hot beef rolls the next! I can take or leave the maccys but the beef is another matter. I went upstairs and sulked! Got through it though and got WI tomorrow. Hope everybody with WI today are all great big losers. Onwards and downwards Chicks!

Lisa xxx
Afternoon peeps!

After a complicated and busy week I am back. I restarted SS'ing today. So far just one tetra and about 3 litres of water down.

Have had a couple of coffees too.

Got a hectic afternoon and evening ahead, taking the children straight from school to Tesco and then I have clients later, 2 of them are newbies! Of course I am directing them to Minis ;)

Good luck all, and HM will you MSN me later if you see me online?
hope you don't mind me joining in?
i stated again this morning, i drunk 5 litre and 2 shakes and im starving. i did ll about 18months ago and lost 5 stone, gained back2 1/2 but have lost just over 1. why are the first few days so hard? and that little voice in my head keep trying to talk me out of doing this.
but im going to keep going and try my best but its so hard
S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
Good luck Kellie!Keep positive...you know you just have to get through the first few days...ignore the voices....


is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Hi All,

Was hoping we could start this thread early morning Uk time as this will be early afternoon in OZ and that's my weak time.... Would it be okay if I began the thread????


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