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Its my start day today

I've just had my chocolate shake. I have an event in 5 weeks to the day. Im 5ft 3 I weigh 12st 10. Im a size 16 :)

How much do you think I can lose in 5 weeks ?

Im soooooo dying to lose weight. Especially because there will be someone there who is a size 8 and has always been making comments about my weight for years. . . I just wanna walk in at least a stone lighter all done up... Im sick of being the fat joker.... She even making snide comments about me having to wear a duvet cover.... Its a girls night out get together, ive 4 kids and I dont go out often at all. I arranged this night out. Im really looking forward to it. :)
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Hi jemmy good for you! By reading all the threads on here u should have a good weightloss in 5 weeks, no cheating tho!! I am on day 3 and it's gonna really try me. I am on late shift at work and everyone around me is eating takeaways - that was hard last nite ESP the smell of kebab!! Yumm but I persevered and stuck with my water. Good luck and you will face that other girl much more confident even with a small weight loss!
She even making snide comments about me having to wear a duvet cover.
The old boot.
She's just jealous because men prefer curves :)
You should def lose a stone. And then when you see her, say to her...''have you put on weight?''
ha ha!!
i am sure you can loose a stone and half in 5 weeks and go in and show this miserable skinny woman that she needs to find someone else to pick on to make herself feel better x
no offence but she sounds like a right wench!!! I agree 1 1/2st easy in five weeks if your 100% x It can be done and it does fly by once you get into it xx good luck xx
hi jemmy stick with LT and you have every chance of being a stone lighter, and p.s. dont let that girl get to you
Hey Jemmy! I'm on it just over 5 weeks and have lost almost 2 stone. As everyone is saying just stick to the plan and you'll sooooo have the last laugh. I'd love to slap that silly cow, how DARE she try and make you feel inadequate. Turn her nasty comments into something you can use....an incentive to spur you on! Good luck...YOU CAN DO THIS :girlpower:
Iv lost a stone in 2 weeks.. You'll lose near 2 stone I'd say if you stick 100% & totally dedicated!! Any time you feel like giving up think of that wagon .. & it'll surely spur you on!! Show her what for.. X
2 stones just over 5 weeks...please Lord let this be me :)
Poppylu, if I can do it anyone can...believe me!!! It's all thanks to this forum and all my new buddies on the same mission...to lose the flab and look fab! Keep your goal in mind at all times coz that's what matters xx :angel09:


Back on the wagon!
I lost 65llbs in 4 months last time I was on LT.....its amazing once you stick to it!!!! Good luck!!!
You are all great for replying to my post.. Thank yoeryone. I messed up a bit but Im back on track. I realised a few things about my eating habbits too.. What times do you have your soups or shakes ? X
im a wierdo..I have one at lunchtime in work (hot choc as we speak!...yummage!) 1 then at about half 5, 6pm when I get home and my last at about 8.30 - 9pm.....but like i said im wierd and cant face anything in the morning apart from coffee and fags lol x Glad your positive hun.....lets stick it to the nasty woman hunni! xx
I have one between 9.00 and 9.30a.m when I get to work, then the next can be any time between 1.00pm and 3.00pm depending on how busy / hungry I am. Then the one I look forward to most is the evening one at home at around 7.00pm. I make that one thick like a mousse & eat it with a spoon!
I was always a b***ch to snack all evening so now I make a nice big pot of camomile or other herbal tea and sip away & read my book or mag then do some house stuff (am painting hall & landing currently) to stay busy & make myself sleepy! Best of luck with it babe, don't worry about the teensy hiccup you had, get back in the saddle & soon the days and pounds will be flying by!

x S

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