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gunna be a fatty for ever
S: 17st4lb C: 16st7lb G: 14st3lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st11lb(4.55%)
Its sooo not fair!! Had a bbq today for all our friends and everyone has been havin fun eatin and drinkin what every they want and been havin a fab time!! It soooo not fair!! I just think y should they be able to eat and drink what ever and when ever i eat so much as a burger it sticks to me like false nail glue does when u sick your fingers together!! Its sooo not fair!! Im feelin really low at min! i stuk to vodka an diet cherryade all nite but an really annoid for havin a burger with ketchup a sausage AND a chicken marinaded skewer!!

I feel sucha failure at min. Plus my gp exersize referal got cancelled coz 'there couldnt find my gp referal form' soooo mad.

i feel like im fightin a losing battle here. If i cant do it at 24 when can i do it? I wish i could just fick a switch in my head

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Hi Kae,

I think we would all like to eat and drink what we like without having any of the consequences but as we know it does not work like that.

So you are not alone in that regard.

Beating yourself up is futile as all that does is compound the feelings of guilt and you are more likely as a result to use this as an excuse to fall even further off the wagon.

The best thing is to try and give yourself some brownie points for having such good control under the circumstances as I am sure at other BBQ you would of ate a lot more than what you had this time?

All change is hard as we would all rather stay in our comfort zone.

There is no such thing as failure once you are doing your best to change things, you are heading in the right direction, it just takes time and a lot of love and patiences with yourself...

Each slip up is a learning experience and a time to reflect on what you can do differently the next time and what measures can be taken ahead of a party at home or a meal out to prevent going off the rails.

This is were planning ahead comes into its own.

Keeping a food diary is also a good way of tracking what you eat and keeping your focus on your diet as repetition helps normalize new habits.

Most of all believe in yourself that you can do this.

And remember if it were so easy to lose weight we would not have the problem in the first place.

Love Mini xxx

x Nee x

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S: 20st10lb C: 20st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 50.5 Loss: 0st5lb(1.72%)
Hey you,

Just wanted to say that its ok to feel this way... I keep having down days and you have to just push yourself.

All of my friends are sizes 8-12 and tend to eat, drink and do as they like, where as I have to battle on trying to find clothes that fit and are not to drabby, and find myself pretending to be something im not. Its not very nice, you always feel the odd one out and in my case people I dont even know stare at me like im some kind of beast.

But I know I try all diets and I try to stay motivated but in the last 2 months I have felt a change in my feelings, and am trying to recognise my faults on last diets and change them on this diet. I normally become obsessed by what Im eating when I diet and am so conscious of everything I would put in my mouth to the point I would break and give in to temptation. I now have only really had 2-3 mistakes but have ben able to get back on the diet really quickly which is a massive change for me.

Have a read of my thred 'A little bit of my story' you will see how I have gone real low and had highs...

I hope this hasnt depressed you more, but wanted you to remember that most of us on here is excessively overweight or have been or are battling it and you are not alone.

Keep at it, and be proud that you only had what you did, Im a sucker for a bbq and not sure I could have witheld as well as you :)

Good luck


On a mission
S: 24st5lb C: 19st5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 5st0lb(20.53%)
Keep your chin up chuck!

You really are not alone in this, we've all made cock ups.

Maybe next bbq, get in some quorn products?

Don't let one bad day turn into another, dust yourself off and climb aboard the weight loss train!!.............Choo choo....!

(no - not 'chew chew' !!) xx


Gold Member
S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
oii you!! chin up your not a failure.. you know where i am should you need me!!

and we all have days like this xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
S: 17st4lb C: 16st7lb G: 14st3lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st11lb(4.55%)
Thanks girls feelin a bit better today but im sooo mad i didnt control my self a bit more!! Oh well at least i still got 3 and a half weeks to make a real effort for when i next go to see the doc!! You know the food diary what sort of things do you put? Everything you eat or thoughts and feelings on y you want to eat? also do any of you guys do one and does it work?

Thanks again girls its really nice to speak to some one who understands how this horrible journey feels!! There are just some things you can tell your skinny friends!!

x x x x
S: 17st8lb C: 15st4lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 2st4lb(13.01%)
Kae, dont beat yourself up too much, whats done is done and you done well to stop after a few bits ;) Think of it as a positive :whistle:

I know what you mean about it not being fair... its bloody not!! :mad:


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