Its not good!!

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    Well as the title says its not going good at all!!
    I have been totally off it this week and i cant seem to get back on it!
    I have said to myself that i will start back for sure on monday you know new week new start and all that!
    But im scared i wont stick to it....ill do half a day 100% then something will pop in my head that i just crash and after i have a go at myself and say ok tomorrow i will do it and fail again!

    I know im not the only one to go through this and just wondering what everyone did to get through this i have 7 st to lose!
    Please give me advice!!

    Thank-you xxx
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    Sorry you are struggling hun. No magic answers, I wish there were, but even at maintenance the wobbles can kidnap you... they did me, and only now am I feeling OK and in a better place again with food. I'd say look at what you have achieved... those lbs are gone, never to return, unless you want them to... and you DON'T, right? You want to finish this journey. I think your body is rebelling a little, but you are in charge here... list down all the reasons you want to be slim and look at the success stories on minis for motivation. Maybe call your CDC for a pep talk, too.

    If you slip, don't make the mistake of abandoning the whole day to a binge... get right back on track. Eventually you'll suss that taking the scenic route is not the fastest track to goal, and begin to do this 100%. You can do it... but it is YOU who have to want it, you who call the shots.

    Big hugs and go for it!

  4. Mala

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    Hi, sorry to hear you're feeling low. It can be disheartening to think you've got to lose 7 stone (I do, I have 4.5 to lose) but you've already lost over 1. Try thinking in small targets - to stick to the diet just until you've lost another half a stone. I've always felt that when you do, you'll feel so much better that you dont want to waste the good work. With all the diets in the past I've been on, if I had put on weight, it made me eat more and most of the time, break the diet. But when I've gone to a class and found I've lost 3 lbs or something (like slimming world), I've felt fantastic and thought, this week I'm gonna be even better! And so on.

    If you do have a slip-up, try to forget about it and start again. Aim for just one week 100% for now and see how you go. I've given up on day 2 or 3 on other diets, but the thought of losing so much more weight on CD is probably the only reason I keep going, it's so rewarding.

    So, stick with it and let us know how you get on. x
  5. Witchy

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    Im sorry your struggling.

    I joined in April and lost quiet a bit but in July I packed it in for school holidays, silly mistake, cos I couldnt get back on for one reason or another, starting on Mondays and by Tuesday back off the wagon, then had some major pressure with finishing my NVQ a year early cos of mix up with college i had two weeks to finish it, so ended up Starbucks breakfast large coffee, macdees for lunch all convient for me to get through my work, then two days later ended up in hospital with suspected heart attacks, three in one night.

    Turns out it was gall stones, because of all the yo yoing it had sent my body into attack, so, n ow I have to stay on the diet and not yo yo or I could end up killing myself, my liver was twice the size and I was very jauniced and ill.

    If this diet helps you and get you were you want to be, can you do it another way?? if you answer no then you know what you have to do, I have had a wake up call, so now i have to finish this journey to the end for my family and for my health.

    I hope you find away to do it xx
  6. xkatiex

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    i had 7 stone to lose ive lost 4 and a half so another 2 and a half to go,but as everyone esle is saying,uve already done well and the rest will follow if u stick to the diet,just take it a week at a time and u will do it :) xxxxx
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