It's proving difficult again!!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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I'm struggling again, work was hard - 2 lots of biscuits including shortbread - oh what I'd do for shortbread :p

I'm on add a meal for this week and then I'll start on 790 etc. I'm hoping to have hit the 2 stone mark this Saturday then I'll be happy with upping my calories in preparation for my hen night (Nov 18th) and after that my wedding will be here before I know it!!! :D

I just wanna eat now!!!!

I just wanna eat now!!!!


Well you can't :p

You've chosen not to, cos you know what the alternative is.

Be happy with your choice. It's a good un.

Well done for resisting. It can be so hard, but so rewarding when you turn your back on that chatterbox :cool: