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It's saturday lets do it **hou by hour**

Morning Ladies,
I think i'm awake, but I might still be dreaming because I'm sure the sun is shining through today!!
Its another day, another part of our journey, lets hope we dont have to deviate from our course and that there are no obstacles in the way. If we come across anything that blocks our path lets just climb over it quicly keeping sight of our goals and carry on with our journey.
Lynne xx
Have a good day everybody xx


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Good morning all, I've just got up, so not quite awake yet. Day 6 for me. Have a great day and keep glugging that water


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Morning all

well first the news, I got some ketostixs yesterday (you will remember the awful first weigh in I had last week?) and this morning I had a very exciting trip to the toilet.........PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK!!!!

Sooooo I have to lose weight this week dont I? Stuck to it by the letter, no deviation at all, no licking fingers when I have been cooking for others, not a tiny teeny thing has flown into my mouth. So only 3 days till weigh in, and I can definatley carry on like this till then.

Happy day ahead for me, going to watch Wall-e this morning and then looking foward to Strictly this evening and maybe a glass or two of fizzy water in the pub later.

Hope you are all feeling as positive as me today?

Keep glugging

K x
morning all.

Ive moved my sofas and cleaned under them dusted and polished the living room and been on my hands and knee cleaning the floor so am now gonna have a lovely pint of water ( only the 2nd one so far:().

Hope you all have a great day.

Welcome to ketosis bluegirl.xx


Restart 3/9/2013
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Well day one again for me. Had a bad week full of bad news, but getting my act together today and getting back on the CD wagon. So far have had a cappucino shake and a pint of water. So lots more to go today...
Day 1 for me too, restart didnt go well yesterday lol but been busy so far so not thought about food at all and not actually hungry, dare not drink too much water or il need the loo every 5 when i go to town!
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sitting at my desk at work with a choc shake had 2 pints of water as feeling thirsty, going dog racing tonight so not fair gotta take a bar with me and make do lol x


please try again
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afternoon all

well day one for me today, had a rubbish couple of weeks where my wee girls concerned and i will not be going back to my old comfort eating ways, isnt helping anyone is it.

so have had my porridge and a litre of water so far


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I had Porridge at 10am this morning, would've stayed asleep but my Man woke me up as we had to go out! Had 2 pints of water so far and have put a 1.5L bottle of water in the fridge for the rest of the day.

Had some mackerel and lettuce for lunch, just sitting here taking it easy for a bit :)


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day 5 for me, and i`m 5lb lighter(totm too)
have had 2litres, half chocmint, half vanilla with coffee(so lush,my fave so far)and 2 cups coffee.
Am very happy, full of energy. mangaed to do dance school run & completely clean my house.
I`m soooooooooooooo loving this diet.
Good luck today every one.


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Ok day for me. Was thrilled to be able to get on AND do up a pair of size 16 black trousers...ok, they were snug and I dare not sit down in them for fear of ripping them, but it's a start!
Had my blood pressure taken at an open day earlier and was delighted to be told that it was perfectly normal, so really chuffed. Last time my BP was taken (I think!) was when I was having my son, but I imagine it must have been fairly high when I was 'bigger'. Nice to know I am 'healthy'.

Am off out tonight for a meal. Naughty I know, but my very good friend turned 40 on Thursday and she's had a hell of a time recently with illness and worry, so I really want to be there to support her and help her celebrate. I will be very wise in my choices though as I've been good all week and would love to see a 13 on the scales on Monday.
Since I have been coming to this site, I have discoverd a new word for me, GLUG. I love this word in all it's forms. I have decided that anytime I am on this site and see any form of the word GLUG, I will glug my water. This should help me a great deal as I have problems glugging enough water everyday consistently. I do better somedays than others.
So far today I have had half choc, half vanilla shake hot with instant coffee and 1 sweetener. Yummy oh I also add cinnomon and vanilla extract but I ran out of extract. Have a happy day every one and keep on glugging!

I am doing Optifast. I have found the forum to be supportive, inspirational and encouraging. Thanks for allowing me to share here.

Illness March and April down about 10 lbs
SF June 6-August 1 down about 24.9 lbs
started stalling out due to slowing increasing my food intake and eating the wrong kinds of foods, needed not to deal with food for awhile.
OF started Aug 2
wk1 -6.4
wk2 -2.5
wk3 -2.6
wk4 -4.8
wk5 -3.6
wk6 -3
wk7 -2.2
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Afternoon all. I've had a really busy day. I tiled the kitchen, done the shopping, made dinner (homemade burgers, sweetcorn, chunky chips and apple chutney (although my dad made that). Oh that dinner wasn't for me.

Only drank 1litre but im in for the night now so can get glugging. Im going to watch Strictly come Dancing then X factor, is anyone else watching them? Oh and will be catching up with my ebay listings tonight.

Anyone got anything exciting planned tonight?


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
well had my second pack today - banana shake yum
2 litres of water down

am cleaning today as my partner drank 2 bottles of wine the other night, vomited on me and passed out. got 2 of his mates round to lift him for me and to wash him but turns out he had opened one bottle of wine a month ago and poisoned himself so am bleaching all surfaces and scrubbing carpets today ( inbetween minimins breaks of course :)
Ive cleaned all downstairs, done the shopping, made lunch (they had a fry up), cleaned my bunnies out , put the washing away, put some more washing in and am now waiting for hubby and little one to come home so I can make some pizzas for their teas.

Im watching masterchef its the final tonight.

Ive had 6pts of water and 2 choc tetras so far.

Feeling really well today my cold must of well and truley gone.xx


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
arnt we a busy bunch, lol

have got meatballs rolled ready to go in along with veg rice at about 7.15 ready for his lord ship coming in from work then i think it will be x factor on the box tonight

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