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It's so simple..............


Gone fishing

Finished lunch and decided that I was going to have a cup of coffee and a biccie.

  1. Went to the kitchen
  2. Found biccies
  3. Took out one biccie (to have with coffee). Ate it
  4. Remembered that I need to put kettle on for coffee
  5. Put kettle on and walk away from biccies
  6. Go do something else.
  7. Remember plan for coffee and a biccie
  8. Go back into kitchen and put kettle on again
  9. Take out biccie. Put it on a plate. Eat it :D
  10. Go away whilst kettle does it's job.
  11. Come back and get biccie out. Biccie now in right hand.
  12. Kettle boils, so put biccie in mouth (just to 'hold' it as hands are now busy making coffee.
  13. Find half biccie in mouth gone soft, so quickly eat and get another biccie out and put on plate.
  14. Go into lounge and have coffee and biccie that I had planned. :clap: :rolleyes:

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I think that about sums up what happens:p:giggle:

I particularly love number 12

  1. Kettle boils, so put biccie in mouth (just to 'hold' it as hands are now busy making coffee.


Gone fishing
It's so stoopid Mini, because I know what I'm like:eek: 3-4 biccies really doesn't matter at this stage of the 'game', but it can turn into

"oh well....might aswell finish them all...well it is Sunday....and bank holiday Monday tomorrow" (as if my body will burn up extra calories just because it's a day off:rolleyes:)....."and I haven't binged for aaaagggggeees, so deserve one now" (as if binging is a fun pastime:rolleyes:)

Got to watch my chatterbox for the rest of the day. Grrrrhhhh


too hot to handle!!
kd so funny,,that soooo typical


Staff member
What I found interesting from your own observations is how easy it is to consume more than the one biccie...

Even though the intention in the first place was to have One!

I know from past experience I have done the exact same thing over and over again without fully being aware of it.

For me being back on SSing shows me just how often my hands have a will of their own when picking up food:eek:

I think vigilance and awareness is the main thing and not to let denial take over.

You have that:)

Love Mini xxx
I can feel the frustration KD but it twas very funny, many of us will see ourselves mirrored in your actions!



Gone fishing
and the day gets worse:rolleyes: Totally aware of what I was doing:confused: Still did it anyway.

Could be worse though. There is still food left in the house. Progress :clap:


Gone fishing
So DH gets chocolate cake out and cuts a slice. Leaves cake out.
I take a slice:eek:

Come back and cake winks at me. (clever cakes in our house:D)


Good KD: Boys....want some chocolate cake?
DS1: No thanks.
DS2: No, but I'll have a salad sandwich if you're doing one.
Good KD: Great idea....why didn't I think of that?:confused:

Make a sandwich for DS2 and me. Give DS2 his sandwich and I have a sandwich and a slice of choc cake:confused:

Go back into the kitchen an hour later and DH is cutting himself another slice of cake :sigh:

Take a slice for me and put it away :D

DH (later in afternoon): DH gets cake out again and cuts himself a small slice. " Do you keep putting the cake away? It's moving. "

Weird cake :D

I cut another slither, go to put it away, but it's hardly worth it. Not enough left to put away. Suggest DH or boys finish it :clap:

But no. They don't want any. Leave out. Think KD...think...

Bad and good KD: Okay. Had too much already. Could cancel dinner. Ummm, now that is dodgy. Cancelling dinner because I've eaten too much and know I've had enough cals for the day, so shouldn't, or cancelling dinner because I'm not now hungry, and don't fancy anything.

There is a difference. Would I really prefer to finish off the cake and give up my dinner. Is that what I really want?

Probably sounds mad, but I know me. Cancelling a dinner will give me the excuse to binge all evening. After all....I haven't even had dinner ;)

Decide to have dinner anyway. Put cake away. All is well.

Overeaten, but not a binge. Served myself a smaller portion of dinner, because I really don't want as much as I would normally.

Think this evening will be fine. Phew. Disaster averted. Feeling 'normal' again :clap:
I was holding my breath for you then KD, was on tenterhooks to see what you did. Well done

Just right now, Im in need of posts like this to get my head round everything.

I would give you rep but I cant!!

I never use a plate for biccies :D:D:D
FYI - now i want cake and biscuits. Never ever been a cake and biscuits kinda gal...


Gone fishing
But not nice carbs. These carbs make me lose control (sometimes). They make me eat things I don't particularly want. Nice when you are having them, sort of, but it's short lived.

Strange though, because I can have them. Sometimes I'll have one and it's fine, other times I just know they are going to make me go loopy.


Gone fishing

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