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Its sooo unfair


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I dont know if anyone has experienced the same problems? Im 26 and yes Im overweight but I have no ailments or take no medication etc etc.

Why when I get mortgage insurance or life assurance am I always charged more? They call it loading?? I always have to go for a medical and they tell me Im fit as a fiddle but still I have to pay more....Ive been told its because Im overweight! :rolleyes:

Anyone else have similar experiences?
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one word yes, when we were buying our house and had to get life insurance, i hate to get a medical done and because i had my gallbladder out and am overweight policy went up oh and because bf smokes an extra 1euro a month. Its madness! Other than my weight i have nouthing wrong with me
I am totally appalled reading this. Maybe I'm naive but I didn't know that is happening..

I have a mortgage but when we first too that out there was no medical..and allthough I was a bit overweight I wasn't too bad, I guess...

That is so discriminating. I wonder if they charge alcoholics more as well...just not fair and I will stop ranting now..

hey - i work as a financial adviser for mortgages and life assurance. mortgages themseves wouldnt be loaded but depending on the life company a high BMI can mean you are classed as being 'higher risk' for certain things such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc so they may increase the premiums slightly
I suppose in a way it is understandable but I still am quite gobsmacked. Just seems really unfair. Some big people are actually healthier than skinny ones. I know that that's what the medical is for it just seems very judgemental to me..

Sorry, I'll stop ranting now..promise


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He he!! No I ranted a lot myself in the beginning! It wasnt the mortgage that was loaded just the life assurance! Bummer really considering my BMI will be much lower soon!
I'm sure that they base it on carefully calculated average risk - and on average, overweight people are more likely to have health problems/die earlier - so you would expect them to add a premium (just like men often pay more than women cos women live longer - on average). Agreed, an individual overweight person may be generally healthier than an individual normal weight person, but the companies have to work with averages!
I currently would dread having to have a medical at the moment - just one of the many reasons I've determined to lose weight once and for all.
i nearly had life insurance twice both times the payout dropped significantly so didnt take on either of them no other medical problems apart from my weight


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Hi Lucy, i cannot get critical illness cover with my insurance company as my BMI is over 40, I have had to take it out through my employer (which ironically uses the same insurance company). It is soooo annoying


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Lizzylee your so right. I said today that enough was enough (after stuffing my face and feeling really sorry for myself :mad:). Im currently on the 1000kcal plan but seriously thinking of giving ss+ another go.
Hubby is a HGV driver and gets loaded for his car insurance because of his job. We pay a fair whack even with 4 years no claims.
In order to get a decent insurance rate, you have to be: fit, within healthy weight range, in a low risk job, have had no past medical history and an assortment of other bits. Perfection out there??:rolleyes: well, yes, but it depends on your definition of perfection! :D
My hubbie is loaded and has certain exclusions due to his job, and I am loaded do to the fact I suffer with arthritis, its not just weight, they get you with everything they possibly can :)

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