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It's SUNDAY **Lets do it hour by hour**


100% all the way!
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Don't worry your not the only one up!!!

Usually I would be in bed with a hangover so I'm happy!!!!


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Morning all

been up since stupid o'clock again, so I'm heading back to bed. Just checking in and letting all know I'm ok, feeling good this morning, if a little bit tired


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Morning Sam, Oh dear....Is it the evenings that do it for you? Don't give up another day today. Start again, flush it through with water, glugg like mad to day. I was like you last week, just have to keep going. Are you on MSN? I you are then add me my Addy is [email protected] ...I found it to be my saviour, talking to Nicky, georgie and Leah on there.

Come on Sam you can do it.

Good Morning!!

Getting stuck right back into CD today..... Had a fabby birthday and made a choice to eat.
Mainly healthy stuff, but there was a bit of ice cream in the evening in the absence of a cake :D

I am ever more focused today on getting to my goal.

Sam, try not to worry too much, address why the binge happened rather than dwelling on what you actually had,... I am gonna PM you

Maggie where are you? Have shouted you on MSN.... are you hiding from me??;):D

Good luck to everyone today. Its the last day of the weekend so enjoy it!! But no falling off the wagon!!!:D


Fed up of being fat
Good morning :)

Thought Id pop on while the kids are eating brekkie and watching morning kids tv. Just having my first hot choc of the day. Did rubbish on the water again yesterday, really am determined to do better today or Im going to stand in the street with a sign on my arse saying 'kick me!'

Glad you had a fab birthday Spooky.

Sam, stay strong, it happened, it was yesterday and today is another day. If I could post you some of my enthusiasm and motivation I would ... I shall try sending some through the internet now x

We are off out later, taking the kids swimming, although I wont be swimming, not confident enough yet to wander around in swimmy suit .... unless it was a wet suit but then Id look a complete plonker :rolleyes:

Have a great morning all x


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Morning everyone!

Had a warm vanilla shake for breakfast.

Going out for lunch with OH - booked a carvery so that I can stick to my 790!

It is so dark and dreary out there - I am fed up of Winter.

Have a great CD Day!



MUST get a grip
Hope you're ok WL8S xx
Hope you had gr8 Bday Spooky - mine's not until June so hopefully wont get too tempted - tho my daughters in Feb & son in Mar, so will have to make plans to avoid whatever they're eating!
I had another good day yesterday which was my day 6 - this is a record for me, especially at the weekend!
I had all my water, in one way shape or form & and extra half pack - which I'd missed out on Thu or Fri so felt nice to be having a little xtra at weekend.
I'm fed up with this bluddy rain! Cant really get out at all at the mo.
I've just had half pack as a coffee and I think I'm gonna settle down with the Sun papers til bout half twelve :D:D:D... After I've had a look to see what you've all been up to!
Catch up later
Luv Clare


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Good morning everyone. I have not used the hour by hour thread but I hope it might help. After losing 2 lbs in the first week of Valentine Challenge, struggling now and yesterday gave in and ate some baguette. It seems that as soon as I have any carbs -I don't stop and it was followed by a toasted tea cake etc etc. I shall keep computer on today and tap on instead of eating!
Good on you, Lisa. The trick is to stop the rot. One carb so very often leads to another and if you have just a small mouthful it can put you in binge mode.
If you have carbs, the WALK AWAY. Get some water, get on the PC, anything other than going back for more. It will soon pass!
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Morning all. I've not been on the hour by hour for ages. I've just been manic at work and this thread just moves too quickly!

Yesterday was day 5 and I fell off the wagon and had a meal in the evening. Doh!

The weekends are always just so hard for me and I hope to absorb some positive vibes from you guys :eek:
Oooh, lovely to see so many "new" people on the daily.You seen that the LL forum has their own daily now?

Bit of a dark day yesterday (posted an essay in my blog if you want a read) but it's a whole new day today. Sounds stupid but i REALLY miss my mama, i usually go home every sunday but im working today.

Now i have an issue - i need to sort out my wardrobe cos i have a lot of different size clothes in there but i'm too scared that i'll be demoralised when some of them still dont fit...do i wait a week?

Glad you had a great day Nicky, wished i coulda given you a hug!

Love you all, stay strong (especially you Sam, i have every faith in you) xxxxxx
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Morning all

Glad you had a great day Nicky and thanks for the links.

Sam, keep trying each day and I am sure you will get there hun, I agree that the evenings are obviously your danger time, try and think about what it is that makes the evening more difficult and have some back up plans for what to do when it gets tough, load of HUGS.

Leah, I say go for it, don't be demoralised if some things still don't fit use it as an incentive to spur you on.

Great to see some new faces on here and let's have a great Sunday.



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S: 191.2lb C: 176.6lb G: 147lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 14.6lb(7.64%)
I deliberately wear exactly the same clothes two weeks after wore them before and write in my diary exactly how they fit eg tight round my stomach, left a line around waist etc. Then when loose and look huge, put them in charity bag.
Had my chocolate tetra now for late breakfast-daren't go into kitchen as husband having scrambled eggs on toast!
off to walk the dog..................in this wind !! been good so far x
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back from work. just had a choc tetra, yum... had 4 coffees but not started on the water yet. Got 1st litre beside me though and will get glugging now.

The last three evenings have been hell for me. I dont know why I cant just focus. I want to be slim but the desire for food just takes over me. I think Im going to go to bed at 6pm tonight just to break the habit lol.


likes posting.
Morning everyone thought id pop in, ive just been doing cd 6 days so im finding it hard but managing so far. Its great too come on minis & get the support. Also try too give a bit back.Hope you all have a great day. Im sure ill be in & out of minis all day.

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