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It's Sunday**lets Do It Hour By Hour**


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It's Sunday again and a cold grey and snowy one.

Not alot to report as I have been ok so far, struggling with water but have been having hot drinks instead and making my shakes up with extra water to try and catch up.

Haven't got anything planned for today so will be chilling and catching up on paperwork.

Have a great Sunday and good luck with the weigh ins.

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Morning, im of to a birthday party today with my 2 year old, shall try out the bouncy castle, work of a few calories. Hope everyone has a good losing day x


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I thought we were promised snow again today?? ... non so far, just bright sunshine!!

I have housework and shopping to do today! .. joys of joy

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.. the bouncy castle sounds fun Dawn.!


I thought we were promised snow again today?? ... non so far, just bright sunshine!!

I have housework and shopping to do today! .. joys of joy

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.. the bouncy castle sounds fun Dawn.!

I haven't been on one for years last time i could only do a few bounces and i was worn out, so don't know how ill be today, lol. have a good day
Morning all

Snowing in South East London!Great morning for the electricity to have run out....own fault..too lazy to get key cashed up last night.All done now so I can have a coffee!!!

Have a great day...and come on Lewis!!!!


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We've got loads of snow!! Its beginning to melt cos the sun is on it now. No excuses then for getting my backside down to the swimming pool then....Oh dear.

Then I'll change the beds, wash the walls (slobbery red setter), and get dinner ready. Such an exciting life I lead. Still suffering from drinking Cava last night. Serves me right after reading all the posts on here about alcohol and just coming out of ketosis!:banghead:


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Morning all!

It was snowing when I got up, oh no, it still is in fact! Not settling much though, thank goodness! I'm off to work 12-4 :(

Another lb gone this morning :D

Have a good day all!

S xx
Hi all,
just about to start day 4. Still very postive and inspired by this forum. 6lb down. Snowing outside and having a snuggle with my 8yr old in bed watching spongebob. Happy days!! :D


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Good morning all ... mind if I join in??

Its a white wintry morning here in Stoke On Trent. Typical when the kids are due back at school tomorrow!

Todays activities ... paint my bathroom!



MUST get a grip
Morning Gang
Just braved the elements and took daughter to the stables.... Sod all planned again for today but hoping my friend is gonna pop over early this afternoon, kids are having sausage and mash which is her favorite... Wasnt too hard to tempt her!

Bit worried at the mo.... Nothing too drastic but the transfer on the mortgage is starting to go through, just waiting for my husband to open his own bank account so monies can be transferred - all other documentation in place! I wont bore you with the grim details of the breakdown as it resulted in a violent attack but the thing is he really is NOT a bad person, unfortunately just bloody stupid! I love him because he is the father of my children and we will always have that bond but I am not IN LOVE etc. But he's started ringing and texting a bit tooooooooo much in the last few days and got completed sozzled last night and kept trying to ring me at my bloody mothers house 7 times from 9pm-10pm.... My parents are pensioners FFS, my Dad's 74 this year and mum's just 71 so they dont need it!

Oh I'm not even gonna go there on this one - I'll be here for days!

Right - well done all the WI's, really really really important to keep drinking & on a day like today isnt it just the last thing you fancy!!!!
Poo pah - I need a vat of wine!.......

Oh I've completely gone O/T now - needless to say I hope you are all having a good weekend... I'm still buzzing from the Spa Day & BTW George Sue - got totally swamped by all the different places and value for money, I'm going to REALLY look into this later!

Loving you all xxxxxxxxxxx
No snow here yet but I'm sure it will be making it's way up the country some time today. Just what we need when the kids are off school for two weeks. Not doing too well on the water front must try harder today. Fell asleep on the sofa last night at 9.30 so didn't get my last shake in either. It's AAMW this week so looking forward to my Sunday lunch, chicken, cauli & broc with a chicken & mush soup over mmmmmm. WI in tomorrow my losses seem to be slowing right down lately, but I suppose they're still moving.

Have a fab day everyone.
Big HUGS Clare, if ever you do want to chat about things you know where I am hun xxxxx

Was chatting to Sue last night, won't prattle on here but overnight on a Saturday is difficult to get so we may have to put an overnight stay on hold until either of us has some holiday entitlement! But we can still do a day somewhere more luxurious, I have already decided I want an elemis facial, body scrub, massage and manicure.... oooh get me, a few months ago you wouldn't of got me anywhere near a spa!! I suppose we could always go for a day and then spend the night in a hotel near by??

Nowt planned except cleaning, boo, think I will spend some time planning it before I actually spring into action ;)



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Cooeeee :wavey:
t4m you can rant away any time I for one will listen may not have the anwsers but will always have the time xxx

Well going for a WI today but my scales say 13 stone so less than a stone to goal my cdc scales are about 2lb different (I do have clothes on then lol)but will start the plans as of today as Im going for an indian tonight .Will stick with tikka starter and zero coke

Going shopping for sons birthday he will be 19 on the 17th and needs some new clothes already bought him trainers a new bed and other bits his list just keeps getting longer .

Have a great day it glorious sun shine here but still a bit cold so no sun bathing yet xxx
Hey ladies,
Well starting fresh today.
Havent come out of ketosis and weight loss is still 4pounds down.
I had a really big arguement with myself last night. My Aunty was telling me to stop and do WW I then told her all the reasons I should stick to this and came away feeling motivated again and determined to get to goal!!!
Went to the cinema they all had choc and pop corn I had a litre of water.
I saw 27 dresses it made me so excited bout my wedding!! 3months yesterday!!!


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Have been swimming!! Not died afterwards so thats a start. I did 20 lengths and then got out, cos I wasn't sure how I would 'behave' having done nowt exersise wise for 2 years...... Just a little shaky afterwards and then that went. Yipee, so now I'm going to go Tuesday too!

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