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It's Sunday**lets Do It Hour By Hour**

Morning Maggie

Well done on the 8lbs!!! Fabadoodles!

Got the in-laws coming tomorrow so me needs to shift backside and get cleaning today as place is a pig sty. I HATE CLEANING!!

Hope everyone is having agreat bank holiday weekend.


scorpio dawny

keeps on trying
Well done hedgemag 8lbs is a great loss.
i restarted yesterday but failed after returning of hols, so im going to restart tomorrow, when im more in the mood to do it.


Gold Member
Oh well done HM!!

I've lost 2lb overnight, and I am now in the 13's 13st 12 to be exact, so 3lb off of 2 stone lost!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!

Anyway, off to work 9.30-4 sadly, hopefully it'll go quick. Hubby is taking kids to a play place.

Good luck with the restart Dawn, and enjoy the cleaning Georgie :p

Good luck to anyone with a weigh in today! xx
FABBY news Sarah, into the 13s, thrilled for you, WELL DONE!!


Lisa Marie

Silver Member
Well done hedgemag & Sarah. I had a sneaky step on the scales this morning and I'm in the 11's which means I'm no longer obese :)
I'm cleaning today too Georgie, Got another viewing on the house. We've decided if it isn't under offer by the end of May we're taking it off the market and staying put for a couple of years.

Dh and I are off into town tonight with some friends.

Have a fab day.


Proper Little Madam
Morning all :)
It's another nice day...unfortunately I am working again.

Every morning I like to change my mood to how I am feeling...however today...I can't find a little smiley for "constipated".
It's the only negative I have found on this diet so far.
I think I will have to up my psylluim (sp?) husks.

Well done to all you that have lost weight today ~ keep up the good work gals.

Hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday Sunday X x X
Well done on the losses girls, thats great :)

I'm on cleaning duty myself today too, I've put it off for a few weeks, I emptied half my wardrobe onto the spare room bed near the start of the diet, going to sort out into sizes but that was as far as I got, but I need to get the room sorted out again so thats my job today and tomorrow :)


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Morning all we are having some great loses today well done all .
Those who are struggling just need to get your head back in right place easier said than done but this is the place to start xxxx
Have a great hol weekend everyone
well morning everyone im doing nothing today but chilling on sofa with a load of dvds to watch lol i work every sunday normally but on hol this one so im enjoying it.

hope everyone has a great day and enjoy the house work girls lol xx
Morning everyone.
I am having a new start today after a minor slip up, and its going very well as am currently having a YUMMY choc shake (1st time trying). Feel so much better as am loving choc and banana after a DISASTER with leek and pot soup!! YUK!!!!

Its such lovely weather too so thats nice-get lots of washing done!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
another quite day on the daily

Sun is still shining and I am on my 3rd litre water and have had 1 shake so far. I think I will have a frozen choc tetra soon, in need of icecream and thats the nearest I will get to it today.

Hope you are all having a good sunday



Gold Member
Thanks all :)

I'm home from work and just had a half a hot choc tetra with extra water. So yummy.

Kids are watching Shrek 3, Hubby is reading one of my gossip mags lol.

Must try and go to bed at a decent time tonight! Oh and it's been nice and sunny while I have been stuck in work! grr!
Well i have been trying to keep my mind off food which was going well until i went to get my washing in only to find my neighbour having a BBQ!!!!!! I have now started to feel really hungry and also have a banging headache but i guess its because im only on day 3.
Can anybody tell me how to add my ticker? I've created it and it gave me loads of codes and I don't know what o do with them??
Copy the first code, then go to the User CP at the top of the screen on the left select edit signature, and paste the code in there :)

i went to get my washing in only to find my neighbour having a BBQ!!!!!! I have now started to feel really hungry
I went for a walk today and half the city seems to be having a BBQ, of the temptation....

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