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  1. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Well this is stupid o'clock...can't sleep so here I am starting the daily at 1:35am....getting really cheesed off. Just don't feel tired. Probably be knackered later on.

    Diet wise still ok apart from a couple of quality street jumping in my gob this evening. Dont know why, just ate then and thought sod it. Still Back on track now. Water still going down...

    Have a good day each and everyone.....may call in later if im awake.

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  3. Allan G

    Allan G Gold Member

    :D Morning Maggie, im still here, im still on night time mode, and im doing another nightshift tonight for overtime so i will have a good lay in potter around and go back to bed before my shift, so i can work my shakes out over a 24 hour period. :D
  4. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Well I have woken up at stupid o'clock ... think the guilt overcame me in my sleep (having bought myself an easter egg on my way back home from visiting a friend ... and then eating it). So, I've decided I'm going to spend an hour on my exercise bike today - having not been on it for a few months. This will burn off half the calories I have eaten hopefully ... and get the metabolism going for the rest of the day and burn off a few more. So, I'll be back in ketosis that much more quickly.

    Sorry to talk about yet another lapse by me on the daily. Please can some one yell at me today as this is getting silly. I only want to lose a stone so I can start moving up the plans but I'm being a blooming idiot every week now.

    Still, the positive is that it is going to get me on my exercise bike. And I need to start getting back into exercise - every cloud has a silver lining :)

    Have a good day everyone.

    Hope you managed to get to sleep okay Hegemag and hope you had a nice lay in Allan
  5. Jot

    Jot jo'stime

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    calorie counting
    Morning all,

    How are you Mag & Dancing?
    I think its going to be a difficult time for all this weekend, my kids usually have loads of easter treats off the family i could do with leaving home for the weekend.(hehe)
    i am not going to be weighed by my cdc for two weeks and that little voice in my head says go on have it you can make it up before your weighin, oh blimey.

    Any how have a good day all :)
  6. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Your little voice has been whispering in my ear too. so often that seems to be rationalisation "you can make it up before your weigh in". wishing you the strength to ignore it! Are you finding the 1,000 plan suits you better.

    Anyone going away for Easter? I'm not but I have bought to £2 flights to Ireland in April ... one gives me one and half days in Limerick/Ennis the other gives me 3 nights in Galway. I've never been to Ireland and I'm excited to be going (especially as the flights were so cheap - Ryannair)
  7. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    Weight Watchers
    Morning all!

    I have a big happy smile on my face this morning as I saw 9st 6lbs on the scales :party0019:. Massive milestone for me to be under 9st 7 so feeling very positive!! Just need to shift 6 lbs over the next 4 weeks ready for my holiday (obviously I'd be chuffed with more, but need to be sensible as I'm working up the plans now ;))

    Mags & Allan hope you guys managed to get some kip!

    Dancing - please consider this your butt kicking!! :mad: NO MORE NIBBLING!! It's only a stone before you start on food moving up plans. The quicker you get it off, the quicker you will be at goal. On a happy note - check you and your exercise bike out Mrs!! Good on you!!

    Jot - how you finding 1000 plan? Can't wait to get there!

    Have a great pretend Friday all
  8. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    Morning all :D

    great news with the weight Dobbie :party0011:

    Dancing - the Ireland trips sound really exciting, I've never been either although would love to go. Get some ear muffs so you can't hear the nasty, horrible little voice...and no more Easter egg for goodness sakes :eek:

    Hope you're getting some sleep Maggie - had a rubbish night's sleep myself last night.

    Realised yesterday that I am just over 1/2 way to my goal :D :D :D wow, what a revelation that was! Also, bought some of the Berry water flavouring as I fancied a change - wow again, how good does that taste in sparkling water...yum :D

    Hope you all have a good day and good luck with any weigh ins.
  9. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

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    good morning all, dont come on here much any more as i have given up with cd and now doing ww,hope your all doing well xx
  10. Roosters

    Roosters Silver Member

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    Slim and Save
    Morning all!!

    I hope all you insomniacs managed to catch a few hours sleep!!

    And all you those naughty Easter Egg thoughts BE GONE - think back to eating to many, feeling sicky, bloated and full... yuck..

    If you still want one, mold a choc CD bar into an Egg Shape!

    Ireland for £2 .. WOW, do you need a passport for Ireland?

    Great news on your weigh in Dobbie!! And it's brill that you're over half way there Wiggly!

    It's my weigh in today, I usaly get weighed in the evening, but I've bought my own super duper scales so I've started morning weigh ins! .. So 8lb gone.. Woooooo.. I can't wait to smash my 'Stage 1' of this daft diet!
  11. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    apparently if you are Uk resident you only need a drivers license ... think that is correct. The Ryannair special is over now - finished at midnight last night. congrats on your weight loss this week Roosters
  12. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    still here and drinking like like a fish.......still awake just.

    on 2ns litre water and 2nd GT...must pull my finger out and get moving ..Well done Dobbie it's a great feeling when you see that figure you like on them scales.

    I still have not weighed, determined not to get on then until the end of the month. Feel as though I am doing ok. My jeans are feeling loser.

    Good luck with any weighin today

  13. saffron

    saffron Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    morning everyone

    havent posted for a few days but have been lurking & keeping an eye on you all lol

    diet has been going ok this week dispite the 3lb gain last week,but hay totm was loomimg and hit on saturday so was full of water retention yuck
    am getting weighed today a day early due to it being good friday tomorrow, so fingers crossed scales will have moved in the right direction this time

    good luck to anyone else eith weigh-in today

  14. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    Morning gang! Good news for me too this morning- day 5 and I AM IN THE TWELVES :D That's half a stone lost since Sunday lunchtime and I am really chuffed. Haven't been in the 12s since I quit CD last year so this is the start of something new for me :) less than 2 stone to goal now!! xx
  15. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member


    Morning cders!!! dancing u had a easter egg, mmmm........i want one!! I went to bed and i was starving last night. I only drank 2.5 litres of my 4of water so i think this is why.
    hope everyone has a good day :)

    xx becky xx
  16. mandye

    mandye Silver Member

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    Hi all feeling good today.Got my swimming kit ready going to do 1 hour before I go round our weekly market .Just booked my appointment with my CDC and put my order in ,the next time I see her I should be starting to go up the plans thought this diet was scary when I first started but now I am petrified of eating lol one step at a time and deep breathes .
    good luck with WIs xx
  17. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Scared but excited id say, you have done so well mandy this is like one big step for you now. Im sure you will do great if your over all weight loss is anything to go by :) :)
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  19. Dobbie

    Dobbie I will get to goal .....

    Weight Watchers
    Hey Mandy, don't be scared - it's the start of the end for weight loss!!! iykwim!!! Once you've upped the steps it's onto maintenance and goal for life!!!

    I have to go up to 810 next week ready for my hols mid april. Need to be on at least the 1000 plan by then so my CDC recommended a week of 810, 2 weeks of 1000. I understand you are anxious but I'm sure it'll be fine. Enjoy the food!!!
  20. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    Afternoon peeps
    Not really been posting much this week, sorry guyz! I've just had my 1st shake and 2litres of water down - off to take my kids bowling, its DS's 9th burpday so we're bowling and then getting drivethrough McD's as I shall need a soup by that time and am saving myself as its AAM wk from Sun...
    All ok - still sticking to the plan 100% - this is day 75 of SS'ing for me and I have everything X'd for the scales to start budging again asap!
    Have a great rest of day etc xxxxxxxxxxx
  21. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    where oh where is everyone today? Its very quiet here and on the cd section!! hmmm!!!
  22. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    hi clare, hope your ds has a lovely birthday. Your so lucky having aam week. My cdc said that she gonna talk about me aam week that that might encourage more weight loss. Kinda freaked about it in case i go wild!!! I hope your scales move for you, when is your weigh in? goin by your losses per week i bet u lose 4lbs!!!
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