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It's friday lets do it **hour by hour**


Very misty here to.

On my 2nd pt so far, bought some peppermint tea last night so might give that ago later.

HM you are really into it now arnt you doing great, well donehun.xx

Hope every1 has a great day.xx
Morning Hedgemag, its kinda misty here too in Guyhirn, but then as were pretty close no surprise there!
Still got stephen at home with a chest infection and hes running around like a blue arsed fly, so much for being ill! Roll on monday when hes at school!
Just about to grab my first pint and proper offical restart today and feel better after talking to my CDC last night and bought enough porridge so I casn have 2 a day - heaven!
Off shopping tonight so going to make a list of what i need for the week for this ss+ and get my head around it!

Hope you all have a fab day!
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Morning all

I can confirm the misty start in Peterborough Maggie!!

Hope it brightens up a little, we are going away in our new caravan this weekend and i cant wait. Only working until lunchtime and then we are off this afternoon until Sunday. Half way down my first litre and im now off to cook my porridge. Have a good day everyone.
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Hi ladies in the mist!

It a cold and sunny one in Cornwall. Have had a pint of water and am going downstairs in a mo to have my usual half pint coffee with half pack of vanilla. Been very busy week so very glad it is Friday...
Have a fab day everyone

Good morning everybody. Friday at last, Yeahhhh!!!
Im in bed with my laptop, my dog wizzy snuggled up beside me while I have my first cuppa of the day. Had about a pint of water and will have my first shake at about 11. Its overcast here in Lancs, but not raining for a change so i will hopefully be able to get out in my garden. Got loads of exciting stuff to do in it. I started a new water feature before I got shingles about 6 weeks ago and I hadn't been well enough to finish it, so I want to tackle that, and I have loads of bulbs to put in ready for spring.
Hope everybody else has a great day planned!
Lynne x
Ive just had my 1st ever peppermint tea, not sure what I think to it, will try another later/tomorrow.
My period pains are REALLY bad and I need some sympathy and some encouragement not to go and binge on chocolate.
Awww Leah, poor you! Just the thought of period pains makes me want to pass out. I had a hysterectomy when I was 28 - the pains used to kill me. so I have every sympathy for you. Cant you lie down with a hot water bottle or are you working?
Peppermint tea might help you - but its disgusting lol.
Hope it soon passes.
Lynne x
You could always have a choc shake Leah to get you through, TOTM sucks. Mines due this weekend and not looking forward to it.
Im glad i have choc shakes and porridge to get on with!
I am working :-( I can get through it - I have some tight jeans on which helps! lol

I tell you what I am FREEZING today


please try again
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morning ladies
only had one glass of water so far today ( bad me )
not hungry yet so waiting on my first shake

got 2 black eyes today, was messing about tickling shah last night but her doubled forward headbutting me in the process, nose is looking a bit mishapened today

off to cinema later, anyone have any recommendations?


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Morning ladies (just)!

At work since 7.30am & its bloody freezing!
2 litres down & a banging headache but should be back in ketosis by tomorrow so hopefully the headache will be gone.

Have a good day.

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hi all im near Kings Lynn Norfolk, at work bored bored bored bored did i say i was bored x
not far from me either kings lynn!

Well ladies im doing good so far, 4 pints down and had 2nd bowl of prridge, needed it as i was getting the munchies i wonder if i could havw the big K by tomorrow because i hate going into ketosis, i always have the munchies - though touch wood ok so far.

Have a shake left and a small 200kcal meal, so i thinking chicken and mushrooms yum!


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hi everyone.
had my 1st shake so far, 2 cups coffee & 1 &a half litres.
just realised that i`ve bought the wrong coffee, not decaff. does anyone think this will make a difference on cd?

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