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it's thursday * lets do it hour by hour *


please try again
well i havnt seen a daily in a while ( maybe im just blind ) so since im in need of it today i thought i would get us started

im on day 3 today and my partners buggered off to london for the day as hes got a meeting. this leaves me cooking for and feeding my little girl, lunch has now taken her 2 hours!

so i shall be popping on here all day long, anyone want to join me?

im not sure if ive hit ketosis today, im very cold and my mouth is like a badgers bum, i brushed my teeth, went to kiss him and he suggested i needed mouthwash :cry:
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Going for Goal!
Aw hunnie, big hugs. My HB is the same to be honest, when my breath is bad. It's just part and parcel of CD, but I find it does go eventually - maybe 3 to 4 weeks. So hang in there! Keep mouth washing...I've had 4 pints of water today - I was ill last week and HB was in charge of keeping kitchen tidy - consequently my 2 litre bottle has disappeared! Have a fab day hun - i'm sure if not already, you will hit ketosis very soon. Hugs x x x


please try again
mens idea of cleaning is alot different to ours isnt it, lol

he does the kitchen and keeps it fairly nice ( i think he has ocd with all the tidying and cleaning he does ) well i went to get my shaker out ( i had it from when i did cambridge previously ) and he had thrown the lid out! he had decided the cup part was a good size for his hot chocolate


please try again
well its me again, its coming up for madams tea time, need to find some more will power, dont want to be eating her chicken

am having a shake before i go and make it so that im definatly not hungry
hope dinner went better than lunch! as for the brethe listerine all the way x


please try again
well shes fed, washed and in her bed so once ive hooked her up to her over night feed ( shes disabled, has a peg tube in situ ) then i shall be off to my bed too :)
so thats another day under my belt, 4 more to go till weigh in day, cant wait

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