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  1. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Well tomorrow is the start of the second part of my weightloss journey.i know I have gain a bit over the Xmas and won't lie it was down to the fact that I did eat alot of the nice things on offer I was very good in the 1st week and I was doing slim and save also but I just found there was to much choice and I couldn't stop picking for no reason which is how I end up here in the 1st place.
    I am off in the morning to be weight and I will be happy if only 7lbs up but I really think its more like 10lbs so it's time I give myself a good kick up the arse and started looking after me my plan to get to goal by mid February so fingers cross hear I go again :mad:
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  3. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Hi Mburke

    Good luck for tomorrow and hope your weigh in isn't too bad :fingerscrossed: x x x
  4. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Good luck my gorgeous. Im the same way as u, 2nd leg of thd journey starts tomo n i know ive put a fair bit on, can really feel it on me. At least 10lbs i reckon :( but will post official amount 2mo. Rather thsn be in denial at least we are accepting it n doing somethibg about it and taking control :) i know its gonna be hard so hoping we can support each other xx
  5. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Hey Mburke. Lovely to have you back. Best wishes for your restart.
  6. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Good luck mburke xx
  7. Daisy1966

    Daisy1966 Gold Member

    Hi Girls, dont be too disheartened by a ten pound gain, it will mainly be water weight anyway and you know it will disappear within the first two weeks back on Lipotrim! Good luck everyone ! :D
  8. Sammybums

    Sammybums Member

    Exactly it will go and don't beat yourself up at least your straight back on it. I start my journey tomorrowxx
  9. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Well ladies I have had an 8.5lb weight gain but you know what I really enjoy the Xmas but its a new year and a new me so hears to next weeks weigh in and losesing some weight again with the support of all of ye I will get there.

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words and goose let get back on this with the determination we had when we 1st started good luck xx
  10. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Hey Mburke. Welcome back. I'm sure that 8.5lbs will be off again by the end of your first week. Best wishes xx
  11. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Thanks busy mum it's like coming home coming back to all of ye here hope you had a lovely Xmas with your family and wishing you a happy new year
  12. goose

    goose Silver Member

    yes mburke lets get back on this rogether!! I put on double what you did and I am super determined to get back to 8st 7lb at the least! I will I will I most deffo will!! 16 lbs over 2 weeks in total! i was a little piggy that couldnt say stop either

    well lets do this!
  13. misspiggy123

    misspiggy123 Full Member

    Hi Mburke,

    I hope you all the best with your re start programme.
    I hope you reach your target weight.
    Miss Piggy 123

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  14. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Well I started last nite I had a shake for my dinner as I thought this would be better for me. Omg forgot about all the running to the loo you do at the start was up half the nite but worth as the scales are my friend again. So up this morning and have just finished my 1st shake of the day and drinking my water away which I never stopped doing over the Xmas but just not as much.

    The in laws called last nite and all I got was how is the eating going so I said its not I am back on the shakes and all I got was you r fine now don't mind losesing any more this from a person who weight her brother Xmas day before she would give him his dinner and said he should do my shakes.

    Anyway I am in the right frame of mind to do this and my new goal is to try and get to 10st7lbs so fingers cross can't wait for the kids to go back to school as things will be back to normal come on feb 14 the day I am back to see the specialist about my back pain and the fact it is still on going with my weight loss

    Good luck everyone new year new you xxx
  15. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Hun sometimes its not worth telling them cos of all the agro u get! Just tell then your eating...
  16. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Hey goose I would have as we only see them once a week but when they come they have a cup of tea and something nice so they would know anyway but I don't care I will finish when I feel ready and not before then let's keep our chin up everyone
  17. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Well yesterday was ok had my 3shake but did pick at some protein as I was so hungry and also left on my own last nite which I hate.
    if my husband is around in the evening I would never think about eating but when the kids are in bed and no one is watching it can be so easy.

    So today I am up and at it I have had my 1st shake and I am in a better frame of mind wish me luck my oldest boy is having a sleep over tonight so there will be 7 teenage boys in the house am I mad or what?

    And I have to say I am going out tomorrow nite for little women's Xmas so I will be going for a meal with all the ladies in my family which I am looking forward to said it to my pharmacist on wed and she said that out of everyone that's comes to them I was the best with my weightloss everyweek so she said start this week slowly and on Sunday go for it.

    Well I think I have said it all wish me luck also weight this morning and it said 12st but won't put up till wed when I get weight properly xxx
  18. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Well done Mburke. 7 teenage boys!! :eek: definitely mad, but it will keep you busy and out of the fridge. Little Women's Xmas sounds lovely, have a great time!
  19. goose

    goose Silver Member

    good luck hun! you are doing really really well. Keep going. Have you read my Fred post - its linked in my signature, I think you might find it helpful, I know I did.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing and again, well done. done be so hard on yourself xx
  20. Nina22

    Nina22 Full Member

    Hi Mburke,well done,you sound very strong and determined.Hope the back problems get sorted for you.:wavey:
  21. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Well I did cope with the 7teenage boys fed them last nite and took to my bed at 11. I was up about 5 haven't to use the loo could hear them but they were quite good really in the end got up at 10this morning and 1boy had gone home for a ruby match and the rest were asleep so I made breakfast for them house empty about 12.30.

    Picked up my younger two and back to clean up just notice I forgot to have my last shake last nite and still haven't had one today must have it now talk to ye later have a great day everyone.

    Going out tonight got cancell a bit of a let down :(

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