Its time to finish what I started

I stopped being 100% in oct.
I have stayed with in a stone
Christmas , holiday home so I think Im doing well [ very well really ]
what with all............ life
I am really happy with myself
but I still want to be 10 stones , so I am going to follow GL for a week and go LL 100% for a month or so and I sould get to my goal with that. I am going to start posting here becouse that helped me so much in the past. so here we go.............Im starting off easy for a week and then 100% to the end.....
wish me luck.
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S: 17st0.5lb C: 16st8lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.73%)
link arms with you as i'm 17 lb to go as well..............but this is the hardest bit for me !! x



Hey 10.10!:eek:

How weird that YOU should start this post today! I too am aiming for 10 currently 11st 2lb so snap!snap! Funnily enough my LLC asked me to work out WHY i am aiming for in other words what would it mean to Olijames to be 10 stone and give each reason a rating out of 10....:confused:

what are your reasons for wanting to be 10st.....are you a size 10 at 10st??? What height/build are you.....only 16lbs til a size 10 sounds worth it eh? But why do i want to be a size 10...its all very deep eh???:eek:

Anyway good luck with your journey..race ya!;)


Staff member
S: 18st3lb
Hi 10stonesize10,

You have done great over the Christmas and to stay within a stone of the weight you have lost, well done:)

I am aiming for 10 stone as well, being a shortie I will be around size 12/14 at that weight.

Good luck.

Love Mini xxx


Not dieting ATM!
Well done 10/10

Don't relax too much, keep sharp, and your goal with be met.

Dizzy x