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It's Tuesday****lets Do It Hour By Hour*


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Morning guys

Well day 2 of my being good after the weekend...(did have 1/2 kitkat finger last night) have confessed all in my diary.

Already had a GT and water. Off to set my neighbours hair in a mo and then back for a day on FB and minis.

I am off to London tonight to see Mary Poppins, so looking forward to that. So my scrabble will have to wait until the morning. Oh such is life!!;)
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Good Morning Girls,

Very Very Cold, but so very bright n sunny here today :)

DD back at school today with her war wounds after yesterday being sent home from her head colliding with a locker door, being the drama queen that she is she milked it for all its worth yesterday

Good luck to all with weigh-ins today

two threads this morn though u would con fuse me lol
Morning all 4 week WI yesterday and have lost 1stone 5lb (did post earlier 1 stone 6lb but thats cause i cant count lol) but have always got weighed in light summer trousers and tshirt but had jeans and jumper on yesterday so i think it would be 1stone 6 hope everyone has a great WI week this feeling has got to be better than drugs xxx :rotflmao::party0019::rotflmao:


please try again
afternoon all, well went to tesco's this mornin to buy things for my daughter going in to the hospice tomorrow, spent £140 only for them to cancel her just after i had payed so went to the returns desk and returned most of it ( told em the story and they felt sorry for me so were happy to help ) on the way back home got another call from the hospice to say theyve a space for her from sunday insted. grrrrrrrr
couldnt be balls to go back and get the stuff again so will have to do it saturday now
doing poor with the water today not even a litre


please try again
its not the first time its happened, but at least they can fit her in hopefully on sunday just so long as i can get some probes for the new sats machine, not sure they will want to take her if they cant monitor her oxygen levels


please try again
ive had a smidgin over a litre, no where near enough i know for me i need to drink around 4.5 litres so am way behind

how are you feeling today?
I'm feeling much more positive now.Been drinking my water,just having a black coffee before I get ready to ...oh I was gonna say put the kids to bed but it's way too early for that :D Didn't notice it was only 5:30!


please try again
lol, my wee one refused to have a nap today ( she normally has 2 hours ) so shes going in 15 minutes, lol


please try again
and once shes in bed, im putting my tree up, yay!


please try again
lol my neighbours have had theres up since mid november

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