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It's Tuesday, lets do it!!!


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Hi all,

A while ago we used to have a daily thread, I love it as it's a nice way to keep tabs on what packs one has had etc and check how we're all doing..

It's v late today as I started work early..

I've had a choc shake for brekky and another one with coffee in for lunch and 2 litres of water.. need to glug some more.

Hope you're all doing well :)
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lol so it's just me then..:)

Had my 3.5 litres of water, nice and early too so not too much pee'ing tonight ;)

Just had a frozen tetra, vvv yummy..

So all in all a good day.

Hope everyone else is good too...


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Sarah,nice to see you again! Wishing you lots of luck with your start, 1 day nearly done!

Have a fab week


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We have an hour by hour post every morning, depending who is up first !

I have had a longggggggggg day at work, weigh in tomorrow - after 6 days as my day for weighing has changed, scales not looking too good :( But hey ho !


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Hi Lelly :) so good to see you, how's it going?

Hi Charley, I have looked for the hour by hour post but can't find it these days, maybe it's my age lol


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No, probably everyone too busy maybe there wasn't one !
So it's good for me as now I am bck to work I can never find the morning one by 6pm !

Day off tomorrow and spending the day baking (I have become a feeder) !!!! I have taken in treats nearly every day, and no licking the bowl either, chocolate cakes, sponge cakes, going to try cheese scones tomorrow !


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Oh my word, how do you do that!! It takes all my will power to feed my family the basics and usually my lovely hubby will dish up and clear away.. all power to you!!!
Hi, i'm here...just had so many distractions today.
I used to be like that too charley but lately i have no interest in cooking yummy things for the family. It sets of too many cravings.

3 litres down, 2 packs down, still have my 810 meal (fish tonight) to go and a bar whilst i relax in front of the tele.


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Well, it's a birthday at work on Thursday so I am making a mini feast and a birthday cake. I don't mind so much, but who knows how I will feel later ! It keeps me busy at least !!!!!!! If I am doing something and keeping busy I am less likely to stray !

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