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It's Wednesday ** lets do it hr by hr**


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Thanks for starting! One porridge, a ton of herb tea and a coffee 'latte' made with a 1/3 pack of butterscotch... getting weighed at 1 so won't have my bar until after that (not that it's gonna make a big difference, but hey!)
Why you not feeling well honey?
Hi Guys,
I thought the daily thread had become extinct.
Glad to see it here.
So far i've had a chocolate tetra (yum yum) and about 1.5 litres of water. Day 3 today so am peckish and suffering today as boredom has well and truly kicked in at work. My sidekicks are both off so i've got no-one to entertain me and work in itself is dull as dishwater.

Going to entertain myself on mini's for a while to keep my mind from wandering downstairs to the bistro.



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I know what you mean about holding off the bar until after you get weighed.. I do things like that :)

I thought I had flu, but it's not that bad, I am pretty laid up with a head like cotton wool and a rotten cold, off owrk and my lovely mum-in-law has my little boy so I am home alone, a rare treat :)
Morning all. I've had 3/4 pint of water, 1 green tea and 1 choc shake with extra water so far. Not up to much today it seems. Have finished reading a magazine I started last night, and am now off to clean 3 fish tanks.



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Aw Sarah, rotten. Still, at least it's not flu... I had 4 days in bed with flu last week and felt awful... it was years since I'd had a proper flu so felt really sorry for myself as well as horribly ill. The pay-off is I am bouncing about full of the joys this week, so happy to be on the mend... still look & sound very ropey but I am glad to be alive!!! (Drama queen? Me?) So... take lem-sip or sudofed if you need to honey and snuggle up and enjoy the peace... rest and surf and you'll hopefully feel lots better soon!


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Thanks Katycakes :) Although it feels unnaturally quiet without a house full of people lol

Going back to bed in a mo, all I wanna do is sleep :)


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Just making a coffee and filled up my water bottle again, try to get most of my water down early as otherwise I'm up all night lol...

It is raining and miserable here, glad I am indoors :)


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Sara, nice to see you! sorry to hear you are not well, hope you feel better soon!!

Morning all or should I say afternoon...nearly anyway! well i just had to sit through the most boring conference call ever, and its worse as I know i'm leaving in a few months so i really couldn't care less what they are saying! at least I can dial in from home so I can still come on here whilst listening to them waffle on in the background.
I have started the 1200 plan today and it's going great so far, only another 3 weeks on stabilisation and then i'll have to start thinking for myself again...!!
oh well must do some work i suppose

have a great day all!!

HI Lelly,

Good to see you too :)

Your weight loss is inspiring, well done you :)
Morning all.....so far today I have drunk 1 litre of water and had half a choc tetra mixed with coffee...I'm really struggling today and it's only day 3 :sigh: Still a chicken and mushroom soup coming up in a bit :)

What things do you guys do to keep yourselves upbeat when you have a bad day?
Hi Fraggle, Well done on getting to day 3, those first few days are the hardest..

Well I do all sorts of things, I paint my nails or have a bath.. if kids and time allows. If not then I clean the house :( have look through the inspirational stories on here, start a thread or play some games in the arcade..

Whatever you choose, good luck :) and keep it up, it is sooo worth it x
Hope you feel better soon Sarah, plenty of rest.

As it's the afternoon now, I have managed Banana tetra, 3 pints of water. Just about to tuck into my Chocolate Tetra Lunch which I have converted into a chicken and mayo sandwich. Obviously that is in my head, it is really a chocolate Tetra but sometimes when I am struggling to face them I convert it to something nice and it helps with consumption......my silly ways only amuse myself......I need to get out more :D


Stubborn tortoise
Had my weigh-in... lost a whole 1lb!!! Trying to be philosophical about it as wasn't well last week with nasty flu and took forbidden medicines to try & feel better... also switched up to SS+ & wonder if this is my body adjusting to that. I feel good (& not so ill) so I refuse to be down-hearted!
Have also now had another coffee & butterscotch 'latte' and my cd orange bar. And I am switching to 810 today and that means I can have a poached EGG for tea!!!!! I am so excited!!!! (And so sad, I know, but hey.)
Yes well done Katycakes for the 1lb loss :) brilliant.

Just starting my 3rd litre of water, I've already had 3 packs today so gonna make it a 4 pack day me thinks.

Hope everyone is doing well xxx

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