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Iv been feeling really down


time to get focused
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And can't seem to get bak on track with ww since my weigh day Saturday! Iv been feeling really down the last couple of days, got out of bed for the whole of an hour yesterday! Iv also been getting cold sores, that's how I know in run down :( sorry for posting here but I don't feel I know the ww crowd like you lot so didn't really wana share a post like this with them xxx
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hoping for a good loss
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hope you feel brighter soon
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Aw honey... I understand how you feel. 8 months ago I was barely functional due to depression so understand how overwhelming it can be. But the more you give into it the worse you feel so please try really hard to set yourself the smallest of tasks on the bad days (like we discussed before) because it really does break the cycle over time and makes you feel better about yourself.


Slowly but surely x
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at least you can eat!! he heeeee
you now I loves ya x
Aw. I know how u feel. I've Bern very low this year and today I've Bern holding back the tears. I just feel so down. It's prob cos I'm back at work tmrw and that is making me anxious. When I get like this and am on cd I feel awful. Keep going girl. Tomorrow is a new day.
Oops. Just seen the typos !!! Using my shitty iPhone. !!
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Hey Leeds

Have you spoken to HR? Do you know the law about work-related stress? It might be worth checking out Dealing with my stress. Ask for a stress risk assessment at work (they are legally obliged to do one) as a way to identify an action plan to help you move forwards. It may also be worth considering mediation if you feel your working relationship with this person is so compromised you feel you'd struggle to interact with them on a day to day basis (again mediation is considered best practice).

It may also be worth considering getting some legal advice from an employment lawyer as you could potentially have a case for constructive dismissal (they have a legal obligation to keep you informed while on MAT leave [ARCHIVED CONTENT] Maternity entitlements and responsibilities: a guide. Babies due on or after 1 April 2007 - BERR)

I deal with a lot of situations like yours as part of my job and if you were referred to me I'd be advising that although you are experiencing symptoms of ill-health the solution to this issue is largely managerial and once resolved to everyone's satisfaction it is likely your symptoms would begin to resolve over time (i.e. there is no medical treatment that will make this situation resolve).


time to get focused
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Thanks for your support guys, I know I can always rely on my old cd buddies! I had a REALLY bad day yesterday got so bad I couldn't stop crying and was hyperventilating :( I have stocked up on my AD's again now so hopefully should b ok x
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i'm down too. off to see the docs. think i need counselling and/or tablets. i think it's the time of year and all the stress i've had over the past few months. i've been crying at the drop of the hat, suffering insomnia too etc.

this time of year when the sun isn't out as much and it's cold and you just want to snuggle in bed and sleep depression is common. you need to go out and about. it will help. i know that if i don't go to the gym i get really depressed and angry.
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I think we can all go through these times but remember Lauren's saying "your never fully dressed without a smile" think of all the positive things you have in your life, and after the thing with the miners today I'm just happy to be alive.

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