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Iv reached a decision :)


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Right, as I write this I am determined to not make it sound like a bad or negative thing.
Iv always been so strong and determined on this diet- fully focused and not strayed once- but now I think my time has come and I really cant take much more.
For the past few weeks Iv felt so weak- and something that Slimsea said has stayed in my mind- your body will tell you when its ready. I really feel like my body is screaming out for help.
I literally feel so weak, moody and so drained of energy its unreal.
Dont get me wrong to anyone who is thinking about doing this or half way through- Lighter life is bloody FANTASTIC. It has opened up so many oppourtunities for me and literally given me my life back. for that I can not ever express my gratefulness.
At 20 years of age I was a lazy slob with nothing but alcahol and crappy foods to amuse me.
Making the decision to do this at christmas was quite literally the best thing I have ever done.
I am now happy- confident and glowing.
Phew- this is getting a bit deep.
I always wanted to get to 9.7stone and then start RTM- I currently weigh 10.8 (started at 13.13) and have decided to start RTM from monday after 102 days on Lighter life.
I Have spoke to my counciller and she agrees that my constant dizzyness and low blood pressure isnt good. I cant even walk up the stairs without feeling faint and I need to do something about it!
So we have decided that as I still want to loose a little more I'm going to double it up. So do week one for 2 weeks and week 2 for 2 weeks until Im at a stage where I feel happy to maintain. There we have it.
I get to eat woooooo!!
I genuinly feel that a little protein of an everning will lift me physically and emotionally. I miss sitting down and eating with my housemates so much its really upsetting me.
I dont want anyone to think Im being negative about Lighter Life- Its the total opposit- I just need 2 do this for me :)
phew I got a little serious there!
Feel better now iv got that off my chest :D
Thanks for listening guys xxxxxxxxxx
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That sounds very sensible - you will still achieve the end weight you want, but with less suffering! Good luck and enjoy those first mouthfuls of 'proper' food.
Well done Kellie it looks like you have really worked it through and to me it seems the right decision.


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That sounds like a plan to me.
good luck and well done
love liz
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Sounds great Kellie... well done, you've done great... Wow... your start weight is my target weight, how funny!!

Well done, you've done so well xxx


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A very sensible decision - and can easily see you have put a lot of thought into this. You will definately lose the extra little bit of weight you want to lose.

I'm starting RtM next Friday and like you still have some to lose (for me it's just under two stone still), but this diet has given me the kick start I needed and now need to prove to myself that I can follow a healthy eating regime, and can cut back when I need to lose a little weight. That'll be the only way I can be sure that I can maintain my weight and ensure I never need to diet again!!


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Thanks guys- Corey you have totally hit the nail on the head.
I feel like iv dealt with so many issues involved with food already and there is no need for me to carry on if its making me ill.
Hopefully with a bit more energy I can get down the gym and get the last bit off. My final target is 9 stone so have a stone and a half to loose.
I know ill do it :D
ur all amazingly helpful x


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I know I am doing CD, but it's al the same in reallity. I felt exactly the same as you when I got to a certain point. My body was just screaming out for more, and I felt so rough. You really should listen to your body, and I'm glad you did. You will getthere. You have the drive!. Good on ya!


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Kellie you sound like you've made a good decision to me, your health has to come first and to be honest if the diet isn't harming you physically it could be mentally as you're bound to be so concerned over how you're feeling.

Best of luck honey, you'll reach your goal xx


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I said it to Slimseaa and I'll say it to you... you have to put your health first... you have been an inspiration and taking the route you are taking seems to be by far the best option :) Good luck with RTM (I know you'll do it) ;)
Brilliant post hun, it sounds like you are determined. You have come so far - you're a lil star xxx


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Hi Kell
Sounds like a sensible decision.
I stopped at the same point as you, 10.8 and about a week passed the 100 days.
Good luck with the next phase of your journey, it will be nice to see you on the RTM board.

You will most likely lose a good bit on RTM, but don't be disappointed if it isn't as much as you would hope. I know some have lost a lot, some have lost a little, and I have stayed just the same.
I finish RTM on Friday, but intend to lose the last bit by cutting back a bit and exercising.
Still size 10-12 and pretty happy with myself, maintaining over the last 3 months is quite an achievement for me and I have really enjoyed it.
Kellie honey thats the best decision, i am very pleased indeed! Your health comes 1st, Bex and everyone else said the same thing to me! Since i have started RTM, my BP has improved, i harldy get dizzy spells or headaches and feel sooo much better!

It's not worth it to continue when ur body cannot take anymore, i was on LL for 7 months before starting RTM, even though i still have about 19lbs to still lose (will get weighed this thursday, so don't know if i have lost anything), but feel sooo much better!

You're doing the right thing, otherwise it can be dangerous if u continue!


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Sounds like you've made the right choice.

I'm feeling the same way as you, but have way too much to lose to go into RTM yet!!

Hope you feel better soon, the 2 weeks at each stage sounds like a good plan. I toyed with starting RTM at 11 and a half stone, and sticking to week 3 until I lost a further stone, and then if I want to lose more doing it through exercise and healthy eating.

It's such a huge decision isn't it?
Hi Kellie. You have come so far and an inspiration to the likes of me, who's only on day 2!! As you say, your body is telling you to stop and that's the thing that knows you best. Good luck with the rest of your loss. You look amazing!
I lost a further stone in RTM, so it can be done!


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Hi Kellie sounds like you've made the right decision for you and well done with your fab loss! Good luck in RTM! Can't wait til I get there myself xxx

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