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I've been Ill...Need advice please!!

Hi all, :wave_cry:
I'm sort of new to this..I've been on SS for two weeks today but last Thursday I had to go out with family and we were eating out that evening!
I'd told my CDC about this and I took her advice to not eat too much and still have my shakes to fill me up.
Now my Daughter had a bug the day before and I didn't think anything of it as kids always get Ill don't they!

Anyway sorry back to it...
I had this food and then the same night ended up being sooooo ill it was untrue!!
I think now I had food in my tummy the bug had something to work with so to speak!
Now this is day 3 with no food or shakes as I'm still feeling a bit rubbish.
I wanted to know if I should just start back on the SS?
I've not cheated once other than the planned meal out.
I'm worried that I'll have to go through the 5 days of hell again!!
Feeling dizzy, weak and hungry!
Anyway hope someone could give me any advice as I DON'T want to give up on this diet as even after two weeks I'm seeing results!
Thanks alot
Kelly x x

I've lost about 12lbs in two weeks and need to lose another 3stone!! :D
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Poor you - it certainly sounds like you've had a rotten tummy bug...:eek:

I would continue on the diet hun - you may still be feeling yukky - as you say -because there is nothing in your tummy ... ...make sure you dont dehydrate so keep your water intake up & take it easy - I'm sure it'll pass ...:)

Hope you feel better soon ;)

EDIT: you wont go through hell again hun - having had nothing for 3 days I'd say you're well into ketosis already!

debs xx

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
(Now this is day 3 with no food or shakes as I'm still feeling a bit rubbish.)
hi, sorry to hear you're unwell.

I'm confused by your post ....what do you mean you've had no food or shakes for 3 days and been 100%????????

Sorry if you could explain a bit more someone mght be able to help. I may just be being thick here and missing the point altogether.

If you want to do CD 100% then just continue to do it. Don't think of it as starting again as that could mess your head up. Or ask your CDC about going to a higher plan like 810 for a week or two while you recover and then drop back to SS xxx
I'm not surprised you're feeling weak and dizzy if you haven't had any shakes for 3 days.You MUST have your shakes as you will push your body into starvation mode and certainly won't lose weight any faster.If you can't cope with a whole shake in one go just have half at a time.
Thanks everyone!
I'm better now and as of today am back on SS!!
I did eat though, not a lot but I know I'll be going through the hole 1st week again and I'm ok with that and to be honest I've never been that unwell before and I know if I hadn't have eaten I would have been ok as the bug wouldn't have affected me!
Anyway as I say I'm back on it and VERY determined that I'll not eat again until I get to my target weight!!
Thanks again everyone!
x x x


Going for Goal!
Thanks everyone!
I'm better now and as of today am back on SS!!
I'm glad you are feeling better hunnie. :D It's horrible when you are unwell while doing cd.

Well done on getting back into SS. :happy096: because that on it's own can be difficult!

Good luck sweet ;)

Hugs x x x
Thanks Girls!!
This is now day 2 for me of getting back on s/s going to be hard again but I know it's worth it, when I see all of your losses I really think "Right you can do this"
I'd love to be 9stone by Christmas but not sure if I'd be able to stick this out till then, Just going to take it one day at a time!
Anyone got anything that keeps you going while on this diet?
I've been through all old photos of me and put them in a folder together so when I feel like giving up I can look at them and remember that this isn't how I want to be anymore!

I've got a family wedding to go to on the 15th of August and I'd love to be at least 10 stone by then, that's 2stone 9lbs in 10weeks is that aiming too high?
Also I'm getting married in March so that's the reason I'm hoping for 9stone!
Love to hear from you all,
Thanks Again x x x x

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