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i've been naughty...

hello all

i'm new here... i did the CD at the beginning of the yr and i did so well. i decided to start again, and started last monday.... BUT... last night, i was very naughty and had a bit of a binge....i dont no why i did it (i didnt do it last time), and i wish i didnt do it, i didnt feel any better for it or anything.... i ate a few pieces of bread an a few crackers :( will this have knocked me out of ketosis? i still have bad breath (so i dunno if this is a sign), and if it has, will it take me another 3/4 days to get back in??
im so so so disappointed in myself, but i guess its a lesson learned and i wont do it again....
any help would be great

sam :cry:
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Ah don't beat yourself up over the odd slip - just start the day afresh. I'm not sure how easy it is to knock yourself out of ketosis, but the bread/crackers may have done it, if so don't fret, just start again - the best thing about it is that you've learnt from it - slips like this just aren't worth it. Good luck.
thanks minz
just last time i did it, i lost 10lb on my first week and i think thats what kept me going, and i feel that ive completely messed up and undone all my hard work for the week :( i just hope im still in, downing water like theres no 2moro!!:mad:


You'll do well again and you know it works so keep the faith - there's no point beating yourself up over past slip-ups.....we've all been there at some point - think positive and you'll see great losses like before.


Dont worry - i think it's a bit harder the second time around, but at least you have learnt from this. Just prepare yourself that you may not lose 10lb this week, but may do better on your second week. Just keep going. We've all had years and years of learning to eat bad, so it is a steep learning curve doing CD, but it will be worth it.

Maybe next time you feel like you want to eat, come on here and vent and everyone on here will really help, as always x

Good luck for the rest of your week :)


That's a good tip Bunny - you can easily lose a few hours on here when you are feeling at a low ebb (or a high) - it always helps to read other people's experiences and get support when you need it. I'd be lost without MMs.


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Hi - think of today as day 1. You haven't cheated then!!!! Be positive yesterday was just a preparation day for today - the real start!!!

How much did you lose earler in the year?


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today is a whole new day hunni, good luck.xx


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dont worry! im the queen of restarts if thats any consolation! hehe just think of it as a fresh new day and just drink plenty of fluids. i almost slipped up yday and sometimes it will happen but think about why you're doing it and you'l so much more positive:)

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