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ive been on ww but am thinking of joining slimming world

Hi everyone

This is my first post on here, hope you are all well :eek:)

Ive been doing weight watchers for 3 years and have lost 4 and half stone.. im having trouble getting the last stone off and have hit a platue - i definantly dont want to reagin any of the weight. I have how ever gained 7lbs since november - so need a kick start.

Has anyone done weight watchers then changed to slimming world? if so have you had success and is SW easy to follow?

Thanks x:)
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Hi 4 stone on ww fantastic doesnt it show/ prove the diet 'healthy eating plan works'.!!

I think most people struggle with the last stone i sure am.!
But y move to a different plan? stick with it hun.

Yes you may need a kick start again i know what you mean, try going back to basis.! Or just try SW and see how you get on nothing to loose suppose. But id stay with WW. hahahaxx


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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hi there , yes i have changed from ww to sw as i had got sick of counting points , i lost all my weight with ww and had got to goal only to put 1.5 stone on again , i joined sw on the reccomendation of a friend and even though it is easy to follow it is hard getting out of the way of counting points but in answer to your question yes it is easy to follow but i am thinkin of going back to ww
I love WW but when I hit a plateau I did the same, switched to SW for a bit to get things moving again but ultimately went back to WW. SW is a great diet and Im sure youll enjoy it if you try it. Sometimes a break is just what you need. If you do change to SW then you need to get all thoughts of points out your head, dont go mentally pointing what youre eating or youll drive yourself nuts lol

Have you tried doing things like Kickstart on WW or changing some of the things youre eating or tweaking your points a bit to get past the plateau?
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Hi, I did ww and lost most of mine on the no count/core plan but when they stopped doing that I was not paying to go to a class focused on points so swapped over to sw and love the extra easy plan which is very similar to core. I am doing well on it and feel much better at sw class. Good luck x
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They are both restrictive, calorie controlled diets at the end of the day, and there is plenty of proof on both forums that they work.

These are purely my PERSONAL observations of each plan (i have done both!)

SW: If you cook from scratch it makes life much easier- no weighing and pointing food, fruit is free, extra easy plan makes life much less restricted- the diet also FORCES you to eat healthily (rather than just recommending). There are always really filling free snacks when you get hungry (not just veg- as sometimes veg doesn't cut it!)

WW: Much less restrictive when eating out, you can eat more 'treats' (but obviously won't have many point left if you do). There are WW products which make life easier and lots of companys (Tescos, M&S) put ww points on products so less guesswork sometimes. You can eat more bread, You can 'save' points and you can 'earn' extra with exercise and you get more allowance if you are heavier

I choose SW, but both plans work so it is just dependant on your needs and lifestyle

Good luck with whatever you decide

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