I've been so bad


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But probably not in the sense you are expecting.
For the last 2 weeks I have only managed a maximum of 2 packs a day and have been hiding it from everyone but my Hubby. I think I am even hiding it from myself.
I have realised how stupid I have been and am forcing down a 3rd Shake today.
6 Weeks ago I would have been binging like mad and now I can't even follow this diet properly.
I really do feel pathetic my head is telling me I can't have more than 2 packs or I will start getting fatter again and i have so much to lose I want to get it off so quickly.
Why i am damaging my health to do it :confused:
I don't really know why I am posting this I know what I need to do and how important the nutrients are and everything I am just been stupid.
I could only hack 2 days on AAM as I felt out of control and now I think I am being controlled by only having 2 of my 3 packs and deep down I know I am not.
Hiya Bee

Ok you know it is important to have your 3 a day so just make a decision to always have 3 a day from tomorrow and you'll be absolutely fine.

And don't think you will lose weight quicker on 2 as I have someone who was doing that and it just doesn't work.

Anyway well done on your loss so far and just get them packs down and you'll be at slimdom in no time.

Mike's right Babe, it is so important to have your quota.

We all go through phases where we just have to force them down.

Best wishes.
Bellybee said:
Thanks Mike,
I know what the sensible thing to do is it's a shame my brain is not as sensible.
Still I will get there. I think I will make a timetable to have my shakes to.

That's a good idea BB.

I used to have my packs at conventional mealtimes (Ie breakie, lunch etc). That said I know a lot of others 'save' them to the end of the day.
How's about making a muffin out of one pack and a sauce to go over it with the other?? Maybe that way, it won't feel as if you're having 3????
Just a thought, hun.
Bellybee it sounds to me like you have learnt an important lesson over the past couple of weeks and that has to be a good thing doesn't it?

Your head and your heart now both know that by following the plan to the letter you will get the best results and you deserve to get the best results ;)

Onwards and downwards from here on in :D

I have been told that skipping the packs may put your body into starvation mode and that will effectively mean that your body will start holding on to your fat stres rather than using them for energy which will mean a slower loss.

Good on you for admitting it, that is the first step.

What about making one of the shakes into ice cream or a mousse rather than drinking it down - I have a shake for breakfast, a soup at lunch, "crisps" for dinner and then an ice cream as my treat later on.

You are doing great girl and the first stage is to admit you are doing this so you can get loads of support.
I can't get the hang of cooking I always ruin them.

Practice makes perfect, hun - I ruined loads before I cracked it.

The secret with muffins it to make the powder into a paste with water, a bit thicker than cake mix. Line a ramekin dish with baking paper and put the mixture inside.

My microwaves is 900 watts, but yours may be different, so put it in for 30 seconds, and then have a look at it, then repeat your check every 10-15. If you set the timer and just leave it, it will incinerate lol. You must keep checking it.

So you could have a lovely chocolate muffin with warm butterscotch sauce, if you make up the second pack with a bit of previously boiled water.

Oh lord - making me hungry now!!! lol

Seriously though - you are at risk of ruining your diet/health so you must get the three packs down you somehow.

Best of luck for today, doll

I agree with all said above. Two packs will slow your losses down and put you below safety levels of nutrition.

Are you having bars? If so chop one up into lots of little pieces and pick at during the day. Mousse is a good alternative. Mousse with half a chopped bar in it?

You need to try and spread your packs over the day in preparation for when you go back to real food, if you go long periods without eating your body will not burn the food effeciently and start to store.

Its all a learning curve and some days it is hard to fit all three in especially when you are no longer hungry.

Keep posting here for support and its good you have shared this with us so we can help you through.
Hi bb, sorry to hear you've been having a tough time

Agree wholeheartedly with all the advice given - it really is vital for you to get those 3 packs in every day :)

Like brad, I have mine at 'normal' meal times - bar for brekkie, tetra for lunch and soup for dinner. Figure it's important to be reinforcing good habits for when I go back to food. Haven't actually tried cooking any of the packs yet as I've been quite happy with what I'm doing, but I know it really does help to keep people going if they're struggling with the packs.

Here's wishing you a good and positive day today
))))))) on it's way to you now bb.

You really CAN be extremely proud of yourself - just look how far you've already come no way would you have lost soooo much by 'cheating'. Hey, we're all human and this weight thing is an absolute b*****r :eek:

We've spent years learning lots of bad habits so why would we expect them to all go overnight - please give yourself a BIG pat on the back and remember that you're a
{{{{{{{{Bellybee}}}}}}}} I very often struggle to have 3 packs but this time round I am going to have 3 a day whether or not I want them. I usually end up getting really run down and it's more than likely only because I haven't been getting all of my nutrients and vitamins etc.

Just try a bit harder and I will do the same ;)

I am going to make myself have them at mealtimes as last night it was gone midnight before I had my last pack and then I was in and out the bathroom all night :rolleyes: