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I've caved in.....

.....and jumped on the scales! :D
Said I wasn't going to fall into the trap of getting weighed everyday like I normally do (even made hubby hide the scales as I knew I wouldn't be able to resisit lol) but the temptation got too much this morning and I've made him give them to me lol! And I'm over the moon...I've lost 7 friggin lbs since Monday :D:D:D It normally taked me about 3 months to lose that on any other diet lol. I knew I was in ketosis because of the pee sticks (some of us need all the help we can get, which is why I used them last couple of days..) and my stomach does feel less bloated so I thought I'd lost something and couldn't wait till Monday. Its just given me an extra boost :D:D
The last couple of days I've felt fine, hardly hungry at all. Wish I'd been able to "get my head in the right place" to do this diet years ago. Don't think I would have got this far without the help and support of this forum so thankyou peeps :D
A very happy and a bit slimmer Lou xx
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Your naughty pmsl

I have done it a couple of times, don't know why cause I know my scales are different to the ones at thd chemist


I also know that if I take a couple of pounds of my scales then that's about right

I do try my hardest to wait, but like everything else in life it's not that easy all the time

fabulous loss tho, good luck for your official
one xx
Thanks ladies and yes it's great motivation :). TOTM coming up next week though so I think thats gonna be tough...:wave_cry:You might see more of me on here next week lol...
Brilliant Lou, can feel the warmth of your big grin from here!
Well done Lou... Absolutely fantastic.. You may even lose a tiny bit more by Monday!! Congratulations hun x x x

There are sooooooooo many diets out there, i am all dieted out!! Is that a shake diet??

Yes Janine.. It is 3 "meals" a day - strawberry, vanilla or chocolate shakes, or you can have chicken soup or flapjacks x x
Well done Looby, it's really hard to stay away from the scales isn't it? I managed the first day and a half but since then I've been up and down like a jackhammer! i'm delighted to read about someone else in their first week, my weigh-in is Monday too...x
Hi looby1003

Phew!! :eek: When you said you'd caved in, I thought oh no, she ate a sausage sandwich and a cream bun, but no, just the scales...well done on your loss!!!!
I don't weigh myself except at the chemists, too much of a roller coaster of emotions if I don't lose, or not enough, blah, blah.
Keep up the good work, this diet is certainly more rewarding than other diet plans :D

There are sooooooooo many diets out there, i am all dieted out!! Is that a shake diet??

Hi Janine, yes Lipotrim is primarily a shake diet though there are also soups and flapjacks. This is the LT site......if that's what you're looking for?!

There are quite a few VLCD or tfr diets around, you can find out more by just googling...
Aww thanks for the nice comments everyone :) Been out all day and wasn't looking forward to tonight as Saturday nights are traditionaly "goody" nights in our house. I've been worried how I'm going to get through x factor without munching, but logging on here and reading all the lovely, supportive comments has banished all thought of chocolate from my mind (well almost lol).

Bit annoyed with myself for giving into the scales though, as now I'll be on and off them all the time and like you said Candlewix, they play with your emotions....

Good luck for Monday to you too Ella Belle...don't know about you but I'll be relieved to get this first week over with lol:)

Lou xx

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