Ive cheated...addicted to chicken...

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  1. gg2007

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    Hi all!

    currently in my third week of SS....The first two weeks went fine, but week three.....ummmmm.

    I dont know why, i have just had a mad craving for chicken...i was even dreaming about it. Anyways as much as i tried....i finally gave in I though once i had it, the craving would stop.

    HOW WRONG WAS I!!!! I said to myself i wasnt going to pick at it today....but i cut up little cubes of it and put it in my chicken and mushroom soup. (tasted so good though!!)

    I feeling a bit confused right now.....i know that i can do SS...but i really am missing food...im thinking about switching to 790 plan just so that i can have chicken, instead of me saying im going to SS and then end up picking at the chicken.

    Im also going on holiday in 11 days...and i think 790 would be more realsitic for me to do.....

    I have read that if you follow 790, then the loss wouldnt be that much different from ss? is this true?
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    You haven't cheated, so dn't beat yourself up. There is 0g of carbs in chicken. It is pure protein so don't worry about it. My CDC says I can have lettuce, cucumber, celery and mushrooms plus a small amount of tuna or chicken. There is no carbs in these and if it helps keep you on hte straight and narrow I'm all for it.
  5. redann

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    my daughter has a little bit of chicken every few days as well as her s.s ing

    and shes still loseing weight fast

    ha ha dreaming about chicken
    ive had a few of them to
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    Only voicing an opinion........so please dont shoot me!(I have cheated too and I am deffinatly not perfect..otherwise I would have this weight off and not be a returning CD er!)

    BUT she has 'cheated' as we wll like to refer to it. The whole idea of SS is abstainence. I know from experience that once you have a little bit of something, you have crossed the line into 'picking', and then those little bits here and there can send your body into starvation mode, and even though you are still eating very small mounts, your losses can slow down or stop.

    If you can ss 100% then losses are fab and the feeling of power over the food everytime you manage to beat it is fantastic!

    I am not condeming you at all for eating as like I said I have fallen off numerous times.....:wave_cry: but eating something is not the idea, and really I dont think your CDC should be telling you its ok to eats cucumber etc, as you are supposed to be abstaining. I know that when I first did ss-ing last yr I was 100% for the first 50 days........and then I started nibbling and it all went a bit to pot! But I was able to have a bit of chicken and salad on the odd and still stay in Ketosis.

    I think I have really waffled on and I dont want to have come across as pushy, in a long winded way I think I have been trying to say, if you start eating it defeats the object of SS-ing so yes 790 prob would be your best option, as its 'allows' food on the programme rather than you sneaking it and then feeling bad as you know its not part of the plan.

    LOL I think I need to learn how to put things across in simpler terms!!:rolleyes:

    Good luck on your jouney and well done on your loss and progress so far
    Lou X
  7. gg2007

    gg2007 Full Member

    Hi all!

    Thanks for the replies, tomorro will be weigh in day so i will see how much damage i have done.....will def talk to my cdc about moving onto the 790...
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