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I've come from the Lipotrim Thread

Hi everyone,

I'm Caroline and I'm a veteran WW. I lost over 4 stone a few years ago after slipping a disc in my back and on by back for 8 weeks and the weight piled on.

I lost the weight and when I get depressed or stressed the weight piles on as I comfort eat.

Well, 2 children later and the most horrendous Christmas and New Year of my life where my husband was in hospital and near death, I have put on 2 stone. :sigh:

I am 5 7", 11 stone 12.5 lbs and want to get back to 10 stone.

I want to loose 1 and a half stone before the 24th of May. Is it do - able ? :confused:

All motivation greatly accepted, taken, appreciated, wanted, needed etc


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Hi Caroline, welcome to ww.

The 24th May is 13 weeks away, so in my opinion that is very doable. The average loss on ww is 1-2lb per week, so in 13 weeks ww would say that you could lose anything from 13-26lb in that time. I personally think that 1.5lb per week is a good amount to expect, some weeks you might not quite lose that, other weeks you'll probably lose a bit more, so in my opinion (and it is only opinion) you could be expecting to lose about 19-20lb ish in that time.

Everyone is different and some people lose weight much faster/slower than others. For that reason it's impossible to predict exactly how much you could lose - but my advice - give it a go ;)


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Hi! .. Just wanted to welcome you xxx ..

As Marie said i think it is definatly doable! ..This is a wonderful place to be! everyone has been wonderful and the best thing is knowing were all in the same boat! . Im sure your going to do fine! and as you know it works! because youve done it before hehe



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Hi there!!

Great name btw! Its absolutely very doable! Good luck :)
Hi there

Welcome to the WW gang.

Your target is totally doable but we're all different and lose at different rates so dont beat yourself up if you dont make it.

Ive now stopped setting targets connected with dates as when I did it for something special last year I became far too focussed on that and because I wasnt making it by the date in question I started seeing it as failure instead of looking at what I was actually achieving.

Look forward to hearing how you get on
Hi everyone,

Well I went to the gym to and go my assessment. I also swam for 30 minutes and did 40 lenghts in a 19 meter pool. How many points are in a 30 minute swim ?

Well, there are my stats

Weight : 11 stone 12 lbs
Goal : 10 Stone, but more likely 10 stone 7lb
BMI : 26
Fat Content : 38.1% (OMG !!!!)
Age : 31
Height : 5 7"
Sizes : 14 bottoms, 16 tops

I weighed half a pound heavier this week, but have my period and my boobies are sooooooooooo sore, so I am hoping to have a loss on Tuesday, I will be walking 45 mins on Saturday and Sunday, Swimming on Monday afternoon, and at the gym Monday night. Swim Tuesday and weighed Tuesday night.

I will succeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Hun and welcome to the ww forum.

Sorry Ive no idea how many bonus points are in the swimming ... Im sure Starlight will be able to help you out on that one!

And YES you WILL succeed!



Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Not sure either on the points for swimming! But just wanted to come say hi and how are you doing today :)
Hi Paula,

Back is good at the moment . Yaaahhhhh !, but I have to be careful. The mind isn't sooo good, going through a mental emotional block to loose weight, and I just can't get my head into the I can do it. Normally I look at the positive, but I can only see the negative and the minute, and not sure how to get my head around it. Any one any ideas ? I am due to get weighed tonight I know I will be up and just feel down about that.

Motivation requested, required, wanted, needed, etc etc.




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S: 16st8.0lb C: 16st8.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Caroline.

I think many of us on here have been in that place this past week or so ... I know I definately have! I still am to a point but I am trying to get into the 'I CAN DO IT' mode.

Good luck with your weigh in tonight and don't forget to post your LOSS!

Well as expected, I was up 1 lb, but I am OK with that because I really expected it to be more. I found this on another website, so I hope they don't mind me sharing as we all have the same goal, we just go in different ways :

Our mascot, our hero is the Goose. Why?? Because geese all travel the same distance, make the same journey, go the same direction to achieve the same goal, but sometimes one falls out of formation because she is just 'too tired to fly any longer'. She knows where she is supposed to go, the rest of the flock are well on their way,
but she just can't keep up. The joy of being in such a strong formation though is that when all seems hopeless she is carried forward by the strength of those flying around her, she is lifted and kept in the air by the sheer wind of wings flying beside her.
When she regains her strength, she is still in formation, and on her way again, with the never-ending support of her flock. And when it is her turn to keep another in the air, she will remember.

I thought, MY GOD, that sums it up completely for me ! Hope it helps




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ooh Caroline - that is fabulous!! - I got goosebumps reading it!

Welcome aboard, love - if you need anything you know the drill!! :)

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