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Ive decided........


One last chance
Whoah! I was beginning to think you were going insane! LOL

LOL is it tiring shaking it by hand? I use a blender to ensure I don't get any lumps.


One last chance
Hehe ;)
Yea am shaking by hand because i dont have a blender.....and cant afford one hahaha!!!! I get lumps *borks* x
LOL I remember when I mixed it for the first time, very lumpy. But lately, I kinda like the taste of the lumps :S
I just got a hand blender for a fiver , not bad eh. Couldnt be doing with lumps! You must be getting a great arm workout though!
Lynsey2510 i am indeed getting a good arm work out.....maybe my bingo arms will start disapearing :p Heres hoping haha!

Yeaaaa welshyshelly didnt think of that lol!!! The sooner im back to my desk am up again lol


Slowly but surely!
ROFL, I use the shaker and always manage to rid of the lumps, make sure you change arms or yourll end up with 1 muscle bigger than the other lol

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
I have musles like popeye in my right arm!! Lol!
its defo runnin to the loo that makes me loose the weight haha ;D

Liam L

Full Member
ive found that i can get rid of the lumps easily in the vanilla and choc shakes but with the strawberry shake always eems to get lumps


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haha i thought you were being serious that LT didnt work then i read the rest!! lol

I use a shaker and never get lumps! I shake for about 5 minutes though!! making sure to even the shaking out between both arms so i dont get one arm like popeyes!!!!!! haha

Have a look on ebay for a cheap blender if you dont like the shakers hun :)

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