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I've decided ....

Hi gang - well, I had a word with you all the other day regarding how SW can work for us (or not) if you have only a few pounds to lose, and something someone said has really stuck with me and that is: you possibly have to be at least 7lb o/weight in order for SW to work 4 u, and judging by the amount you are allowed to eat on SW, it does make sense (ie) how CAN it work for me who just wants to lose a few pounds when I could be eating the same as someone who (ie) wants to lose 3 stone etc ... sooooo, what I'm gonna do (as from today), is experiment (neuwww maytronne)!! I'm gonna do the age old calorie counting and cut back to 1000 calories a day (plus I burn 1000 at the gym, so therefore I can have 2000 for the intake of 1000, a bit like a BOGOF) - lol - In a way, I'm lookin fwd to it, as it allows you to have what you want with no Green/Red restrictions and it DOES make you feel liberated and kinda free - plus of course I have that extra 2000 cals to 'play with.' Shall keep ya posted as I'll still frequent this forum as you is cool peeps - shall see if I get any bloating as I did on Green or if my hands get dry (again on Green) etc etc - but am sure that by using this natural way of eating, I shall feel good xxx
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Hi Smigget,
I've just read your previous thread, I didn't see it before. SW has a lowest acceptable target weight for height and the lowest weight for 5 ft 5 in is 8 stone 8 lbs. You need to have at least half a stone to lose, so SW would only let you join if you weighed at least 9 stone 1lb.

Jaylou xx


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I missed your earlier thread too - sorry!

SW is indeed for people who are overweight, but as jaylou points out, you can still be in your 'healthy' BMI and be able to lose weight on SW - I currently have BMI of 24.8 (apparently healthy - I'm not going to get into the never ending discussion about whether BMI is right or wrong) and I still have more than 7lbs to lose (and I could lose a lot more and that would still be allowed on SW). Also, people successfully maintain their weight on SW following the plan, so the eat as much as you like (within reason) works for all weights, whether you want to maintain or lose.

I understand you don't want to be limited by red/green, but EE is a lot more 'normal' - I only cook out of non-SW recipe books and no-one even notices I'm trying to lose weight.

In a way, I'm lookin fwd to it, as it allows you to have what you want with no Green/Red restrictions and it DOES make you feel liberated and kinda free - plus of course I have that extra 2000 cals to 'play with.'
Having to count all my calories wouldn't make me feel 'liberated' at all - weighing everything out and calculating every intake is not fun (believe me, I've tried). This sounds a bit like it could promote complaints like the WW ones - it's 7pm, I've eaten all my points/calories, so I can now either a) go to bed, b) drink water. Fun...

(just my thoughts!)

Good for you trying something new and I hope it works! Let us know how you get on...
will do mate - and yeah, I do know what you say re: the pain of havin to write down everything and weighing it all out (that last part's ok as I buy stuff with calorific content already written down and worked out, as I just don't wanna bother with weighing stuff out) and I'll plod on with the writing down bit as the best part of this all is I do have 2000 cals a day to use (1000 basic plus 1000 gym calories accrued, as per my previous thread), so I don't mind - I never allow myself to run out of calories either as I am pretty disciplined (ie) today, I had a whole pack of stir fry (111 cal) with half pack smoked fish (95), a pear and some pre-packed melon and grapes - and with the evening approaching, I've only had around 450 so I know I have loads left. It's the cals accrued at the gym that makes this way of dieting easy for me, as in effect I'm just eating the normal 2000 cals that a woman needs for maintenance, so it doesn't feel like dieting. Like I say, I'll keep ya posted as to how it goes xxx


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So are you having 1000 cals in food and then allowing yourself extras if you need them (gym cals) or using 2000 cals a day?

I could never go back to counting cals!! I only need to count up to 15 these days, although I do forget to stop sometimes!!!
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I'm confused are you going to eat 1000 and burn 1000 cals a day or eat 2000 cals a day burn 1000 so only have an effect of 1000 on your body? Eating 1000 a day is way too low, doctors advice now is minimum of 1200 cals are the base line needed just to function. Also will you be able to maintain burning 1000 cals every days, that some serious exercise, eventually you'll burn yourself out. I'm not wanting to dampen your enthusiasm just trying to see this from all angles.
You can continue to lose weight with sw with very little to lose. The reason they have a lowest acceptable weight chart is because they cannot support the other end of the scale and encourage you to become underweight. These are guidelines based on bmi.

However, I'm 8lb off target, have a current bmi of 22 and am a size 8. Not naturally slim, I've fought hard to get the weight off and I'm nearly there. Each to there own but i promise you sw will work even at lower weights, that's why when you reach target you have to make changes like increasing healthy extras otherwise you will carry on losing. This is assuming you follow the plan 100%.

Either way good luck and well done on getting this far!!

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