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Ive done it! Swapped from LL to CD!

G: 12st0lb
Hi everyone ,
Just to let you know , I have switched from LL to Cd after losing my first 4 stone 10 lbs on Lighter Life. I completed my 100 days nad tried development but it wasnt for me , so I am now on Cambridge and am really happy I made the decision.

My CDC is really lovely, and very knowledgeable and understanding, and I am now armed with my packs , (lots of lovely new flavours) and I feel very positive about continung to lose my remaining weight on SS , then taking the many differnt routes to stabalise and then maintain my goal weight.

I will still be around on the Forum, so nothing changing there!

Good Luck to all the other LL er's who are swapping too.
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Welcome over to cd, good luck
S: 13st8lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st12lb(21.05%)
Hi h.c.w. If you found it wasnt for you in developers you did the right thing. Read your earlier threads and think you are very inspiring throughout the weight loss the ups and the downs, the courage to speak as you see and find it whilst being kind and positve to others. I know you can do it and i await your progress thank you.;)
G: 12st0lb
Thanks so much Fitter at 51, thats very kind of you to say so!
I have done a lot of soul searching recently, about what to do next, and have felt somewhat shaky, but feel this is the right thing for me.
I know that with the support of all the lovely people like yourself on minis that I can stay strong and achieve my goal.
Thanks again.


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S: 16st2.5lb C: 15st7.4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.3 Loss: 0st9.1lb(4.02%)
Can I be nosy and asked why you decided not to continue with development?
Well Done HCW a big decision a lot of soul searching but it will come out all right in the end!! I am watching your every move coz in your footsteps I may follow :)
Oh HCW - me too! Went on Thursday and loving loving loving the new flavours introduced so thats fab..

Good luck and we can go through this switch together!



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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Good luck HCW - I'm sure you've made the right decision - enjoy all the yummy new flavours!
Good luck with CD...hope it gives you what you're looking for. I do think LL need to rethink the whole development process...its very unsettling having people in and out (oo advert for weetabix with ice cream & choc sauce on!!! looks delicious...do you think that comes under the low gi caterogry!!!)
G: 12st0lb
Thanks Natalie,

Yeah Really , really glad I did it, in fact I dont know why I faffed about so much , should have done it ages ago! it would have been sooooo much easier for me, I have really put my self through the mill unneccesarily I think. All the new flavours are going to give me such a boost I think as I wwas having trouble getting back into SSing after havng a bit of a break for my hols , but now I ham really looking forward (instead of dreding) my next pack and know it will help me get through the next couple of stones. I am loving the flavours ! cant believe what I have been missing! they taste sooo much nicer than Lighter Life, and feel a bit more filling as well. Just had Vegatable for lunch , it was so thick and well, vegatably! I know thats not a real word , but in comparison with the veg on LL which tasted nothing like veg unless you put loads of Marigold in it.
Really loving it Nat, thanks for all your encouragement, you have really helped.
I'm on week 7 of LL & considering swapping to CD. Whilst my experience of LL has been very good. Both my LLC & group are a lovely lot. I only seem to be having a variety of 3 flavour shakes & 2-3 flavour bars as I hate all the others. I've just enquired as to where my nearest CDC is to Telford.

Any advice please

Dawn xx
G: 12st0lb
Hi Dawn,

Your local CDC will probaly email you the price list and flavours of shakes , soups , bars and tetras, and like me you wil be blown away by how much money you will save each week, and the variety , so I am sure you will be able to have more variety on CD. You wont have the group support though so you should think hard about it especially if you are lucky with your counsellor. I swapped at the end of foundation and I'm really glad I did, becuase like you I was down to a very limited variety , just 2 soups , 2 shakes and one bar, an it got pretty monotonous after 16 weeks ! and I so wish I had done it sooner.
My advice is to speak to the CDC and explain your situation and see whats shes like, if you like her and feel you will get the one to one support from her then you will need to be sure that along with the minis help that will be enough to get you to the weight you want to be. CD have lots of other options as welll such as 790 plan wher you have packs and a small meal of protien and sald/;veg , see the cdc forum 790 thread and people seem to loose just as much on that plan as on sole sourcing (abstinance) so that could be an option.
Good luck with whatever you decide and please keep posing so we know how you got on.
I have just about come to the decision that I simply can't afford LL anymore and its time to go over to Cambridge. I am freaking out, not because I think Cambridge is bad but because I have done so well on LL I don't want to change anything and I think emotionally I still have significant issues. But I can't afford it anymore. I have just emailed 2 local counsellors for more info so may be a Cd'er soon!
G: 12st0lb
Hi Kerrie ,
Dont be too worried about swapping , although its a shame that you have to move for financial reasons when you were quite settled, but at the end of the day the important thing is that your weight loss journey keeps going forward as you have done brilliantly and it would be awfull if you had to stop ss ing now when you are not ready. As long as you dont break in the middle between the two plans you will be fine, you will still have support of the forum and your cdc and you will save loads of money, with lovely new flavours in to the bargain!
You still have a way to go and realistically like me, you would have to spend quite a while in the LL development stage (not to mention a lot of money!) and to be honest I think you learn most in foundation thats when the building blocks are laid. For people like us who have a lot more weight to lose after foundation LL can be an expensive business. With hindsight I wish I had lost the bulk of my weiight on CD and perhaps changed to LL for the last bit to benefit from the counselling when you need it most when going back into the world of food again, who knows this may be an option for you later? But yu are definately not getting second best with CD , the packs are better and it is more flexible when you need it to be. I wouldnt hesitate to recomend it, in fact I recommedned it to my daughter as she, like a lot of people would have really struggled to afford LL and I strongly believe that anyone who is motivated to try a VLCD should be able to becuase they work ! and CD makes that possible for a lot more people.
Dont be freaked out, you will be OK, just keep posting and benefit form the advice of all the lovely CDC's on Minis and all of us who are still fighting the war on fat along side you , together we can do it!
Good Luck Kerrie (lovely name by the way , my daughters name also, spelt exactly the same way!)
Thanks Heaven, I have sent off for some information stating that I would need to do a quick switch so I could stay SSing. My Mum also suggested I get put on the waiting list for the 6 hours of counselling time that everybody is entitled to through the GP so I will do that and hopefully deal with some of my issues! I am nervous about telling my LLC as she has been quite cynical about people leaving but I really don't have a choice and I'm not sure the counselling element from her is good enough for the money. Its a shame as I know some people have had fantastic counselling. Will keep you posted on how it goes - latest drama is that if I have to get another med form done I will have to go back to my awful GP who only just signed me ff on LL, I doubt she would do another! Oh and thanks about my name, I like it too but the spelling is a pain, however often you tell people ie not y!
G: 12st0lb
Hi Kerrie

I think you will be glad you switched once its done and you are into it , I too think that the counselling element of LL is a bit hit and miss, it depends on your counsellor and the group dynamics. My counsellor was quite new and still training and sometimes we didnt get the counselling session at all , ie , too many in grp or too few in group , holidays , courses etc so I only really benefited from about half the sessions I could have had. The cost of this counselling is built into the £66.00 a week but LL insist that its free , but I feel this is a marketing ploy so that you cant ask for a refund if for some reason they dont give the counselling on any week . The packs are made in the same factory so why the big difference in price when to be honest they are almost identicle except the CD are nicer and the packs are slightly bigger, and the bars well they are seriously yummy , especially the peanut crunch which is just like a snickers , chocolate and all!
Are you under 5foot 8inches , if so you will have three packs , 4 if over that height but even then it will still be about 20 quid cheaper each week.
I also had a less than good response form my LLC when I told her I wasnt coming back, it upset me a bit when she showed her true colours. Kerrie we have to remember that they are running a business and they make a good living out of people who have a lot of weight to loose that stick with it for 6 months, so you have to do whats best for you, not them.
I really wish you well hun, I'm sure you will soon be flying along with your weight loss with little upheaval.
Love HCW
Well I have already heard back from one CDC (very prompt!) and she seems really nice. She is off on holiday at the end of the week and gets back the day before I go away but as I have been SSing for several weeks she is happy for me to switch after my last week of LL packs run out so that will probably be next friday. The CDC is also somebody that started losing weight on LL and then switched to CD so she understands where I am coming from. She can even meet me tonight as between our holidays and my full time working for my PhD it was tricky finding a time!

Yep I am under 5'8" (I am a tiny 5'3"!) so it'll be 3 packs and after checking the cost it looks like about £36 a week as I would only want the tetra's for the work week. Much more affordable on my miniscule PhD stipend that's for sure! Mum is fairly sure she will switch too as she is not comfortable paying out that much over an extended period of time. I have also felt that periods of holiday, sickness and other things the groups have been cut short, and not always locum covered so not getting as much out as I would like. Will use this GP counselling to work thru any more problems as I know I'm neurotic as hell!

Oh and she recommended I try minimins.com for support and advice - lol! This website really is a great place to be for support! So I will be heading over the CD side, but hope I'm still welcome in the LL forum too!

Thanks for all your support heaven, it was really helpful! Kerrie x
Hi again all, I went to my first CD session last night after being on LL for last 7-8 weeks. I've woke up this morning and feel like I've really done the right thing as the cost of LL was cripling me and the driving distance was 45 mins away. Not only that, my CD Counseller is lovely and I only have to travel 10 mins by car to get to her. So, i'm saving on petrol costs too :) I have just had my first ever CD pack which was butterscotch, yummy!!! I was so bored on LL living off Choc, Banana & Strawberry shakes & the toffee n fruit bars. They were nice but with such little variety that I enjoyed I was worried about the future. Well not now - Last night I bought one of everything, lol. When I got home last night the inner pig in me wanted to try all the packs there and then but I resisted hehe. Be great to keep in touch with you fellow LL to CD swappers to hear how your all getting on, What do you think?

Dawn xx
Can I ask u swappers a question?? When you come of the LL programme and do a straight swap to CD were you allowed to have bars straight away as u were having them anyway on LL...if yes...has there been any affect...if no...what was the reason???

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